Taking a closer look at our Canadian content .

Hey folks , I thought it might be helpful and informative if we took a closer look at where we currently stand position by position in our Canadian content on this soon to be 2019 version of this team .

As it stands right now we currently are showing a total of 37 Canadians listed on the roster .
The breakdown is as followed…18 on Offence , 15 on Defence and 4 on Specials .
Twenty two of the thirty seven listed are players originally drafted by the organisation at one time or another with 7 of them being class of “19” draftees .

So without further adieu here is the Offense/Defence/Special team positional break-down with veterans bolded .

Offence (18 )

ol…D.Ciraco (g)
M.Filer ©
…B.Revenberg (g)
…C.Van Zeyl (t)
…M.Girard (c/g)
…B.Golding (c/g)
…K.Okafor (t/g)
…J. Gibbons (t) (2019 Draft)

M.Irons (2019 Draft)
fb/te…N.Kalinic (2019 Draft)

…M.Davis (rookie)
…D.Ungerer (2019 Draft)

Special Teams (4)

M.Domagala (rookie)

…G.Whyte (2019 Draft)

Defence (15)

…M.Campbell (2019 Draft)
…D.Dufault (2019 Draft)

…J.Van Pelt

…L.Korol (rookie)

…G.Ouellet (rookie)

Thanks for posting bobo.
Well done, as usual!

I don’t know if we have ever been stronger with our ratio than this year
and to think we get the MTL 1st’s next year and the year after. :slight_smile:

Has Adeleke been practicing at safety, even in Rico’s absence in the SAM position?

The TiCats started the 2018 season with 22 Canadians on the Active Roster, 3 on the Practice Roster, 5 on the 1-Game Injured List, and 1 on the 6-Game Injured List, for a total on 31 players, 6 less than 37 bobo82 has shown us are in this year’s camp.

Perhaps 2 or 3 of our draftees will go back for another year of college ball. We’ll be dropping a kicker, for sure. But, there might be a Canadian vet or two who won’t be kept on for another year.

Canadian Depth, you gotta love it!Thanks Bobo and Ottawacat . :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old Canadian guy)