Takeru Yamasaki Becomes First Japanese-Born Player To Score A Point In The CFL

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No surprise there. Left too many points on the board.

I thought Jake Ford was Australian. Why would he need to go back to the States?

Will he have to quarantine when he comes back? And does this mean that Flintoft does double-duty this week against the Elks?

Better question would be, if the Lions don't have the required global player to put on the field, do they have to forfeit the match? :wink:

They have to carry 1 on their extra 5 man taxi squad. They could activate that guy or claim one from someone else's taxi squad.

Because he moved to the use in 2016 and a US resident

He's pretty much been naturalized then. I probably wouldn't count him as a global. The only way you're going to get a television deal is if you pluck a current star from a foreign league. People are less likely to take notice in his home country if he's been away for years.

We have a lot of Canadians go to the NCAA for four years. Canadians take a lot more interest in a Canadian that went to a NCAA school than a CIS school

Buh bye dude.

Especially given the kicking positions are very often spots for Canadians with the inflated salary that carries through low supply, high demand?

I could understand the Lions getting flamed if Yamasaki had just been plucked straight out of the Japanese league, but as others have said he did get some limited US pro experience and did well.

Why does this strongly remind me of Kaare Vedvik? Couldn't miss anything in NFL pre-season, couldn't hit anything in actual games.

Field goal kicking is 'all in the head'. We had Lirim Hajrullahu implode here in Winnipeg and our team psychiatrist could've helped him get back on track.. if only we actually HAD a team psychiatrist. Too bad these new kickers have to chase away those 'yips' on their own.

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