Takeru Yamasaki Becomes First Japanese-Born Player To Score A Point In The CFL

AUGUST 6, 2021

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The missed convert and late missed game tying field goal late in the 4th qtr is a massive blemish on the start of his career

They might have to start taking offside penalties until all his kicks are from beyond the 40. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

He actually left seven points on the field . He missed two chip shot field goals from the 31 and the 37 as well as that crucial PAT .

As a follow up article maybe they can do a story on how Yamasaki became the first Japanese-born player who lost the game for his team .

It's official. The CFL has a long-distance field goal specialist. Top THAT NFL.

You laugh...however Denver had one years ago. His name escapes me. Only would try 60 plus FG at Mile High.

His name was Nigel Gruff and I found this clip of him banging one in from 65 yds ... :rofl: It's kind of ironic but today he would be classified as a Global .
The Lions could've used him last night .

5 pts as the 2 FGs both scored singles.

Great seeing a Canadian QB in Reaves perform at that level and set them up for the winning FG . :grin:

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Okay 5 points . If you do the math it still equals a 34 - 33 win for the Leos . At least it did when I was in school .

Oh no doubt about that.

The kids kind'a lucky being that he has that golden ticket that comes with being one of Randy's Globals . Other wise he'd already be on the bus heading home after that performance .

Lions dressed 2 globals (kicker and punter) when the minimum is 1. Nobody forced them to play both Takeru Yamasaki and Jake Ford.


Well then if that's the case then that's on the Lions . They might as well have played a player short if that's the best they've got to offer .

John Wick used to be a junior goalie that got a tryout for the Windsor Spitfires. He was last seen in the bus ride scene in the movie "Youngblood" sitting behind former Leaf Steve "Stumpy" Thomas

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Give the kid a break. He'll get better. He was money in The Spring League

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Yeah, it's interesting to see how the different teams incorporate the globals. Some just carry them as backups with maybe a bit of ST coverage duty. Others are using them more prominently.

I wonder, for teams like BC who use more than the minimum, if the globals lower salary is a factor in the decision.


i agree. All kickers miss some. He is NOT the reason for this loss no matter the math.

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Interesting take, but if they wanted to save money I suppose that they could have a double duty kicker.

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Ahem, IMHO the point is to tap into another source of football talent while at the same time promoting our brand of football in other as yet untapped markets. And don't forget the potential for comedy either.