Take this play out of the playbook....

Russ from Montreal ("OskieOuiOui") and myself have been on a mission to get this dumb "draw play from the shotgun" between Ranek and Maas ripped out of the playbook and burned with generous amounts of lighter fluid.

Almost each and everytime they try it, the snap is above the head of Maas and by the time he gets the ball back down into Ranek's gut, the defense is standing there drinking coffee just waiting....it's unbelievable that they keep running a guaranteed failure play over and over.....this is not helping Ranek's running game whatsoever... :roll:

Oh look here....the Spectator captured what we've been saying all along in todays paper......ughhhhhhhhhh


Another play that should be taken out is the Hitch!! Never works!! Maybe a good play for Canadian Highschools but not CFL.

I dunno about burning it out of the playbook. But having it as the basis of our running game is a horrible plan, I agree completely.

Yes Mikey - you are absolutely right (the play even LOOKS retarded) - talk about a slow developing play. ...Geez!


Unfortunately, there are several other plays that need to be eliminated as well.

.. And .... the REALLY sad part is ... there's only about nine (9) basic offensive plays that a football team uses. Four to the right, four to the left, and a middle play. All the other plays are just variations of the nine basic plays.

Our offensive playbook is very, very sad indeed.

Maybe Mass should lose the glove on his left hand!

What is the point of it?

He did for the final series on Saturday.
I don’t think it helped much. :roll:

I would throw the whole playbook into a nice coxy fireplace for some kindlin..
I was watching the redskin game last night and heard their playbook is 700 pages...
seems the ticat playbook is written on a "post-it" :lol:

I agree catfan,but I wouldnt burn the book I would give it back to the highschool we took it from.

I don't think they would want it!
I remember my grade school flag football coach had more imagination than PoaPoa

I just want to see patterns run down field, we have Flick who has world class speed and we never send him long. All are patterns stops and curls, nothing goes across the field or deep. It has been pointed out by fans, media and even my mother who knows nothing about football so why is PaoPao still have a job!!!!!!!

Thinking back to our last game against the Bombers (ah...yes..that game) it seems to me that we ran more running plays with Maas under centre giving Ranek a running start to the hole. With an offensive line like ours, and with Ranek who runs well North/South but isn't really fancy with the footwork, it doesn't seem that any hole opens at the line for enough time to allow these shotgun draws that we ran against the blue team.

I guess I could vent about a number of the plays we keep running and the fact that we don't seem to make adjustments throughout the game. (blue team adjusted well to our blitz which really go to Allan in the 1st half, started to pick up the blitz on their blocking and got receivers open of fast routs on the 1 on 1 coverage.)

Oh well.

It doesnt help that we never use a lead blocker and Radlein is always sent up to a TE position from the backfield, which is stupid.

Anyone also notice that when ever Radlein is lined up as a receiver we run the shotgun draw and we never pass when lined up like that.

And I've also noticed they run trick plays like a bunch of robots, a defence can probably see them coming a mile away.

Re pseudo- wrote- It doesnt help that we never use a lead blocker and Radlein is always sent up to a TE position from the backfield, which is stupid.
thats the 5 yard curl pass eh. they did this when lee knight was the fullback. imo running play action out of the I formation, is how J.R, should be used,

Funny ,Mike Hogan was on the Fan590 talking about Kent Austin not having a basic draw play in his playbook.

You have to have it ,but skip the high snaps .

Dam I Can't Stand The Shuffle Pass..
This not a Goal Line Play...