Take note Al's Fans we are still old

I believe me am a long time Al's fan. I have seen all of the bad and good teams. However, I see us heading down a path where it could be a very long season. The Al's have to seriously consider retooling this team, especially on the Defensive side and though I do not want to say it at QB. Yes Ac is a hell of a passer, but in the CFL you need the Defense to have the fear of run on their minds. We do not have this element. Brady could be a very good CFL QB, but he has not been given the opp in the last three years.
BC is retooling in a big way, dumping experience & payroll for youth. We have major QB problems, Brady is not the answwer, I would have given Adrian Mac more reps to get used to the CFL. I would have tried to hold on to Santos. We also need a real MIKE backer, and a consistent pass rusher. I guess POPP will have a active off season.

The same thing was said last year and look what hapopened...They made it to the cup

Popp is great at what he does. Right now he's doing the rounds and seeing who is onboard while he's doing that they are evaluating their coaching staff. Milanovich has elected to stay. Haven't heard anything on some of the other guys but I suspect most if not all will be invited back.

then will come FA. He may elect to go after a guy like Simpson as MLB or Picard to replace Lambert. Then comes the CFL draft and the crop of kids coming out of the NCAA.

I expect to see some tweaks and yes this is a veteran team but the statesmen are scattered throughout the roster. Its not like we have an OLD offensive or defensive line. They have youth at just about every position even at MLB they have young Shea Emry who they may elect to start using at MLB. They have two offensive linesmen with two years pro experience with Andre Woodruff possibly showing up next fall.

Santos, no one knows if he's been let go. He was a practice roster guy so he can come back to camp in May if he wants to. Still leaves Macpherson and Leak.

The receiver position is in flux right now until Richardson and Cahoon decide what they want to do. If Cahoon hangs it up Popp can make an offer to Clermont without blinking... Arland Bruce is a FA. Copeland may become available if the Stamps sign Clermont. I don't think the Als would have too many problems getting a top notch receiver to want to be on the field with Calvillo in a Trestman offense not to mention Thurmon,Bratton,Stala,Desrivaux,Galas,Eric,Gooding.

Yes there are four or five guys at the twilight of their carreer but this team is in fine shape. Don't forget that should Cahoon or Calvillo hang it up that's a lot of money to inject in the FA market plus guys like Printers, Durant who could become available.

We are not that "old"; yes, we have older players on offensive line along with AC and Ben,but that's it.

The main problem is not older players but lack of MLB; Reggie Hunt is/was not the answer. If he is not signed by the Riders,before Feb 15,2009, Mr. Popp shall do the outmost to sign Maurice Lloyd; let Hunt go if you need to reduce some costs/find money.

Offensively we have all the ingredients; I am positive that AC and Ben will return; I also expect Scott Flory to sign in the next 2 weeks.


Do you Al's fans think that QB Benoit Groulx of Laval, would be a good understudy to replace Cavilo ?http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/story/2008/11/20/hec-crighton.html

With 16 guys under 25 years of age signed in the last two days. I would say this team ain't OLD...

I don't think we're an old team, just old at a few disparate positions, like Hf said. On the O-line, Chiu and Flory are in their twilight, but Perrett and Bourke are young. Stewart is the only graybeard on the D-line. The linebackers are in their late '20s except for Hunt. The secondary is young except for Sanchez. The receivers are young or in their prime except for Cahoon. Calvillo is getting up there, but with Brady, Macpherson, Santos, and Leak in the wings, youth is not a concern at QB.

I'm not worried.

The only change I'd make at QB is to give Brad Banks his walking papers. He's just taking up a spot..........he'll never develop into a starter so let him go and give the practice time to someone who has upside potential.

Agreed. I'd rather go with Brady, Macpherson, and either Santos or Leak.