Take it Easy

Folks, one game and here we go again. How much time have the offence, defence and special teams had to gel? One game. Take it easy, things take time to come together.

Not this again. Everyone said the same thing last year and instead of improving on O as the season progressed we became worse.

When I go back into the classroom after Labour Day (I'm a high school teacher), and I don't deliver my lesson effectively, I guess I can just tell each class full of 25 teenagers that "it will get better...I just need some time to gel." I'm sure they'll understand...just like Ticat fans are very understanding of people saying "this team needs time to gel."

To all Ticat players: if you can't "gel" after AFTER A TWO WEEK TRAINING CAMP AND TWO EXHIBITION GAMES, get a job with Dr. Scholl's. They will give you lots of time "to gel."

If I saw significant improvement with Maas I would take it easy, however, he was doing the same thing as he did last year. Enough is enough. If he was completing passes and moving the team consistently I would not be so disgusted but it was the same as last year and the Ticat brass sat on their butts and did nothing last year. I don't want to see the same this year.
last year it was the receivers, many of the same receivers that are now catching passes elsewhere...
Time for a Chang, ooops I mean change.

The future of our youth is in your hands?? Sheesh now I'm worried. :wink:

I agree with cattmann. Yes they had a two week training camp and two exhibition games. but there were just way too many players to evaluate. In those two games they played people who needed further evaluation. Our starters weren't all playing during those games. Give it a week to see what they can actually do together.

Keep in mind that training camp and the pre-season are VERY rushed in the CFL. The mini camps the NFL has are longer and the main NFL camps are 1-2 months at times. When you think about that the 2 week camp is kind of a joke. Even the teams that win early in the CFL often look sloppy the first few games.

Also the 2 pre-season games is a joke. There should be 4 or at least 3. Lots of guys don't get a fair chance when you have 2 games to see what 70-80 guys can each do.

The difference this year will be in the coaching.

The gel time mentioned didn't happen last eyar because we were out-coached in several areas. I don't see that being the same case this year.

Plus, I think our talent level is quite a bit better this year.

I agree, not only is the team going to get better with every game the play, but our new coaching staff will improve as well.

The only, and it is a small one, benefit to Saturday's loss to Calgary will be to watch how our coaching team shift their strategy when Calgary comes to Hamilton on September 21st.

These are very smart guys who learn quickly.

So ticatsackattack, you think a brand new football team
can reach a high degree of competency


Hopefully, in your first two weeks of teaching
after only a few weeks of practice teaching

you realized you needed a lot more experience
to excel in your profession as a teacher

and didn't delude yourself into thinking
that you brought your A-game right away

Frankly, I have my doubts but nonetheless

IMHO, the only thing that may have gelled
on your first day could have been your hair,

if you coiffed it up with hair gel. :smiley: :roll:

Another small benefit to Saturday's loss is that hopefully, the bad taste left in their mouths would make the team alittle more snarly when facing the Arrrrgoooooos next week. It tests our resilency as well coming off a smarting loss. How's that for positive? :smiley:

8) Spoken like a true teacher !!!!!! :roll:

Wow! That HAM/CGY game was the 1st one i got to watch from begin to finish this season.

I am a Saskatchwan Fan, but I always cheer for Hamilton, but I really hope Hamilton can put something together this season.

I am looking forward to the rematch of the '89 CUP.

I am sure the Hamilton fans are ready for that too.

Props, cudos, cheers to all Hamilton fans don’t stop supporting your team. You guys/gals may be the best fans in the whole league.

Man, now there's a bad analogy. There are plenty of teachers that, 35 years into their career, still haven't "gelled".

Professional football players have coaches evaluating their performance day in and day out at practice, and every game is filmed and reviewed several times. Teachers, well, no so much.

Sorry, sir, couldn't let that one slip by. :wink: