Take Away the Convert?

When it comes to the CFL, I am conservative- NO. We have a great game, leave it alone.

I’ve got a different take on the convert. I’d give the offense the option.
1- Kick from 40 yards = 1 point
2- Kick from 50 yards = 2 points
3- Two point convert now = 3 points

I am not in favour of change for change's sake. . . but I am 100% in favour of doing away with the convert. It has to be the most useless boring play in the game. Waste of time; just give each team 7 points for a TD and be done with it.

Its right up there with 3rd and inches( or as they say in Montreal) troisième et la poussière

Just give them the first down and be done with it.

I am being sacrastic of course...but nothing is guarenteed.
Keep things the way they are

And Whyte missed a P.A.T this year..Against Hamilton

So did
O'Neil (BC)

366 Atempts
362 Made

I wnoder how many 3rd and Inches were made? :lol:

And I don't remember the last time 3 converts were missed in a season...

Slightly off-topic, but still in the ballpark.

I'm not in favour of awarding a single point for a missed FG. I would, however, allow the returner the option of running out the missed FG to gain field advantage or even the possibility of running it back for a TD. But a missed FG? - 0 points.

On the other hand, I would still allow a single point for a punt beyond the touch line or when the receiver is trapped in the end zone. This could be a vital play in a close game. The Als-Argos game of a few seasons ago comes immediately to mind when the game was decided via this option.

If everyone reacted negatively to change of any kind, we wouldn't have the forward pass today.

Seriously, folks, the PAT is the dumbest, most boring part of football by far. It is an absolute waste of time, because there is no suspense about the result 98% of the time. I applaud both leagues for thinking about doing away with it.

im not exactly sure what you are saying here but
You dont get a point for missing a field goal
run the ball out...no point
Hit the post...no point

You get the point for kicking the ball beyond the touch line or trapping the returner....
It the same whether its a punt or a field goal....Oh now I get you...Point is it happens on a punt but not on a field goal.

I dont see the difference really

By the way..In the Toronto game..the Als ended up scoring a TD not a single

To be honest I would be less against if the NFL was not talking about it....
This will be seen by the Anti-CFL hoard as copying them

The comparison to third and inches is inadmissible, because the success or failure of the play can ride on whether someone takes a penalty. And then the outcome is huge. On a PAT, nothing is at stake. If someone goes offside, yawn. Re-kick from five yards out. On third and inches, the offense gets a fresh set of downs (usually in a critical situation), or the defending team gets a stop and the ball back. A penalty, a botched snap, a good push by the D-line, and there you are. A game-changing moment with lots of drama. Regardless of whether it's third and inches or and a mile, EVERYONE loves to see a third-down play. Conversely, there is no drama for a PAT. It's a bathroom break, not an exciting part of the game.

Also, third and inches does not happen at anywhere near the frequency of the PAT.

All sports have to evolve with the times. Get rid of this ridiculous vestigial PAT so we can enjoy more quality football plays.

Im sure it happened more times than you think

On a side note

I think it was Terry Baker who missed only 1 PAT in his careere.....His first! Never missed one after that

Who cares, though? Those anti-CFL folks will spin anything as negative. No use trying to stop them. It's not like they'd ever acknowledge when the NFL takes something from us (hey, guys, there's this brand-new thing called the zone read and we can be productive with it! :smiley: ).

I was being sarcastic but
There is plenty at stake on the PAT it can be a 4 point swing.(used to be an 8 point swing)
A defensive penalty is applied on the following kick off

As for third and inches
I agree with you on all points....for 3rd and a yard....
But 3rd and inches is a given but I dont seriouly think they should remove it.

Ther PAT does not bother me in the least...


No, there is nothing at stake, because the play is successful in an overwhelming number of cases.

A defensive penalty results in more boredom -- the ensuing kickoff has less chance of yielding a big return.

Penalties taken on a PAT are very, very infrequent.

Nothing at stake.

As for third and inches I agree with you on all points....for 3rd and a yard.... But 3rd and inches is a given but I dont seriouly think they should remove it.
Once again, third and inches occurs less frequently and spontaneously within a game. When it comes up, it comes up, and there is inherent drama in any third-down conversion, regardless of distance. There is absolutely no drama in a PAT, because we know the result in advance 98% of the time.

All things concidered
If I had to choose between keeping the Rouge or the PAT
I would keep the rouge


I was not serious about 3rd and inches

I think they should make the kicking game more important rather than less. It adds complexity to the game and allows more options when a team is behind. But if they just remove the point after I would not mind at all. With the 3 options I mention a team could make up to 9 points on a final drive.

Donc, un placement de 20 verges vaudrait 3 points et un converti de 40 verges vaudrait 1 point?

Pour ma part, je ne vois pas la nécessité de changer maintenant le statut des convertis. Oui, le taux de succès est très élevé, mais il fait partie du jeu et il arrive, très rarement, mais à l'occasion, que le converti avorte ou soit bloqué. Pour ma part, j'aime que le converti ne soit pas en soi une mesure qui ait un gros impact sur les écarts de pointage et qu'il demeure une mesure dont le choix est essentiellement stratégique et dicté par le pointage du moment.

Je ne dédaigne pas la formule de la gradation des points, je crois que si elle devait voir le jour, on devrait plutôt partir de la situation actuelle pour déterminer la marge du 1 point, pousser la marge du 2 points à 40 verges et porter à 3 points le converti sans botté.