Take A Moment


With the current events taking place down town Hamilton, our beloved city, I ask that we simply 'Take a Moment'. Take a Moment today to buy a poppy, to say Oh Canada, to look around, and shake a member of our Canadian Armed Forces hand. Because in a single moment, our time here on earth can be gone.

I'm not here to preach or anything, I just believe that sometimes we are overcome with the larger things in life and don't allow ourselves to embrace that in fact we are all Canadian. We have certainly come together over the past week and shown our pride, whether it be through mediums such as Hockey or Football. We have all stepped up and shown we are Canadian. True, North, Strong and FREE.

As a former Sherwood Saint and a man who knew Nathan Cirillo (not well albeit) and who's brother attended classes with this young man. I can certainly attest to his infectious smile and ability to make people better around him. So today, and every day moving forward, I ask that we all try to make someone's day better, and provide them with a smile. It is not hard to do!

I understand this may be not be the place to do this, but in a community such as this, and with each person reaching out to their respective families and friends. You will be surprised at how fast this spread.

So thank you for a final time Mr. Cirillo, the Argyll's and the rest of the Canadian forces, I will fly my flag high, I will wear the poppy proud and I will never let one of you walk by me again without a handshake or a thank you.

A proud, honoured and deeply touched Canadian

Great post. I just returned from watching the procession this morning and will post some pictures in that thread.

Hello action 2521. I am more than happy to heed your advice and on this day, I salute Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and all of our armed forces, dead or alive wherever they may be. God Bless Them All and a heartfelt vote of thanks.

Unless things have changed for this year, poppies don't go on sale until this Friday.

When they do, I will be buying at least one, even though I'm sure I could find a few around the house from previous years. (I do need to find the pencil eraser I use to prevent the pin from sticking into me, and to prevent it from falling off my jacket.)

Many seemed to have poppies along the procession route in Hamilton today so I assume they were selling them somewhere in Hamilton today. I did not see anybody selling them but I simply may have missed them.

I did have this gentleman come up to stand on the sidewalk next to me. Very nice guy who had driven in from London Ontario with his wife. I asked him what the medals he was wearing were for and asked permission to take his picture and shook his hand thanked him for his service. Among his medals were one for years of service (I believe he said 39) and one for participation in a Peacekeeping Mission in Cyprus.


Although there have been calls for selling them earlier than planned, there is nothing on the Canadian Legion website saying that they have done that. I suspect that people have pulled out the poppies they purchased last year. I have no problem with that as long as they buy new ones, or at least make donations, when they do go on sale.

As for the gentleman’s medals, they are, left to right:

  • Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal
  • UN Forces in Cyprus
  • Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal
  • Canadian Forces’ Decoration (12 years service, plus two 10 year bars)

I generally buy new ones every year, but they tend to accumulate in a desk drawer eventually, as it feels weird to throw them away.

A friend of mine at work, a veteran of Bosnia, has a box of poppies at his desk. He said he "officially" can't sell them until Friday, but, if some disappear he can't do anything about it.

I made sure to put some paper (actually now made of plastic!) money in the appropriate box. I was going to donate to the TD account for Marcus, but when the 5 banks donated $100,000.00 each, I thought a better way to reach equally deserving vets and their families was to donate much more than the looney or toonie I usually donate for my poppy.

Nathan has galvanized this nation. If any good can come from such a tragic event this is it.

I just hope we all don't forget this in a month or two, and truly start treating our veterans with the dignity and respect they deserve. Many of them are suffering from health issues and not receiving the treatment they need.

Hear, hear.