Take a break from hate...somebody needs to talk about Renaud

WHEN have you ever seen a punter fly down the field and lay a BIG hit on a punt returner. I mean you gotta feel bad for the returner...I mean who ever expects to have a punter? I loved seeing that kind of hustle, and he almost recovered his own punt (how many times has THAT happened)...plus seeing a punter lay a big hit on a returner, and THEN trash talk him....man that was almost surreal, I loved it! Not to mention the way that guy kicks into the wind...hate Kelly all you want, he's done something Taman couldn't do....find a PUNTER (not to mention a secondary that actually MAKES PICKS!)

Yeah, that was pretty awesome. Renaud was fun to watch.. which is kinda rare for a punter. When he was trash talking the guy, that was even better.

...no hate my friend i'm simply pi$$ed off.....Renaud has to get more on his kicks....otherwise i think we've found a punter...Was Serna even in the park....lol lol .....I know he booted one when we got most of our points.... :lol:

Serna was our top scorer tonight!