The good old days are back again in the best sport city in Canada. Despite a somewhat lower then anticipated 37,544 at Fridays game, the amazing average over 40,000 is reached. Congratulations.

if they ONLY got 37 544 to a game on a friday nite, against the team they are chasing down for 1st in the west....then i hope Calgary can take that second spot from them....cuz calgary will sell-out thier 35 000 seats if they host a playoff game.....

Edmonton might only draw 37 000 ( like thier playoff game last year )....

if edmonton gets 2nd spot, then im hoping.... people from calgary might make the drive and fill those empty seats in commonweatlh, cuz 37 000 ( outta 60 000 ) is sad for a playoff game!

Edmonton traditionally does not draw "well" for either semi or west final. In the 35,000-40,000 range. So maybe giving Calgary a chance, but again thier stadium only holds the limit you mentioned. While we are handing out congratulations, thanks for posting the Argo Fan notice re 30,000 average. In my years of being a season ticket holder and there were many lean ones, I never thought this year would have been possible.

your welcome…i like spreading the GOOD word…lol

Well that free beer prom worked! It took Eskie fans 9 games to figure out they had to pay for the beer!

Last game was below zero and everyone was freezing. Night games don't work well in October outdoors in the CFL. The playoff game last year was -15 degrees or something and it was snowing outside. I myself went to both these games, but the poor weather stopped lots of others from coming. October games and playoff games generally don't draw big crowds b/c of poor weather.

You are correct by labor day they should be playing day games!

Eskimos are the best sports team in Canada.

"they ONLY got 37 544 to a game on a friday nite" - drumming_god

YES........ they ONLY got 37 544..... (below 0) just only though eh.... only 37000.... we ONLY average more fans than anyone eh.... hmmmm.... doesn't 37000 beat practically every other attendance by every other team in the league??? hm........ only 37000..................................................

theres no reason the Esks shouldn't host the game and it's pretty obvious calgary fans are going to make the trip...... You tell me Calgary can hold 35000.... is 37000 more??

But hey honestly, there will be alot more people this year if it's held in Edmonton. It's against calgary! That means an other battle of alberta + a trip to the final.... there'll be 40 000+.

If its not really cold where you have to wear five layers of cothing, or snowing. I could see us draw 40,000+ for a semi-final vs. calgary if it happened.

At gostampsgo they are talking of a new stadium for Calgary for other events and of course football. I stated that put a roof over McMahon would be better then a new 55,000 seat stadium. The effect od cold night games in October for both Calgary and Edmonton does hurt attendance.

Edmonton is a fun place to watch a football game..............even if your a riderprider............always have had a blast with the eskies fans..............

It's all about the the weather, just look at the labour day game. Two years ago, it drew over 60,000. Last year, it drew 50,000 in colder conditions. This year, the weather was awful (cold and raining), and it drew only 42,000 (lower than average for the labour day re-match). The semis draw fewer people because its usually cold, BUT, if Edmonton played Calgary, it would definetely draw a crowd of 40,000+ because (Like someone said earlier).

If Edmonton was to host the Western final, it would draw a crowd of 50,000 at least, and possibly 60,000 if they played against Calgary (but once again, the weather would be a factor).

I don't know if any other esks fans agree with me (Or non-esks fans for that matter), but it will be a sad day if the Eskimos ever start playing indoors. Sure more people would come to the October games, but it just wouldn't be the same with a huge roof or dome overtop of the stadium...Commonwealth just has such a great atmosphere, and being outdoors is a huge part of that. Is it only me?

Madmaxxx, we love having our fellow CFLer's packing our stadium (I do, anyways), so keep coming!! Especially Riderpriders!

Two years ago I watched a game at Commonwealth and I have to agree it was one of the best stadium to watch and the overall atmosphere was great.

Last year we gave away tickets for the Stamps game so that was why it was sold out. instead of doing it for the Calgary game this year, they did it for the BC game.... I think we had near 50000 again.

48,000 something vs. bc, but it still doesn't really come close to the Calgary labour day rematch 2003 with 62,000....

Not sure if it has been said already or not but they need to put up some past player banners in Commonwealth like they have done in the Rogers Centre as Commonwealth is so big. This would give it more character and not make a decent crowd of 37,000 look small. I was disappointed in that crowd agains't the Lions though but have to give congrats on averaging 41,000. I think in Canada, people are more discriminating with spending money on sports I think and for good reason perhaps, we don't have as much spending money for sports as maybe American or we don't feel sports is as important as Americans to just fill stadiums and arenas all the time.

WELL DONE EDMONTON , the class of the CFL.....STILL!

Not sure what you're talking about....there are tons of past player "banners" along the bottom of the top tier of seats.

I think he means player picture banners covering empty seats like Toronto did.