Tajh Boyd

Ken Welch made reference to this story this evening (Aug. 25) on his CHCH sportscast:

[url=http://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/sports/college/clemson/2015/08/25/clemson-tajh-boyd-hamilton-tiger-cats-cfl-steelers/32322317/]http://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/s ... /32322317/[/url]

CFL in existence since 1958??

Actually, yup. Wasn't a unified league before then. Had a loose West-East "football council" between '56 and 5'8, I think. The West and East were separate but they fought for the Grey Cup. (A few years before there were semi-pro teams challenging as well.) The partial interlocking schedule was introduced in 1961.

The article says Boyd is coming to the CFL because he "wants to play." How is Boyd going to "play" in Hamilton when Collaros is entrenched at #1, Mathews is entrenched at #2, and Harris is entrenched at #3?

Maybe the Cats are going to trade Boyd's rights after word spreads that he is in Hamilton?

Boyd to Canada
Clemson247 Staff - 2 hours ago

[b]Per a source, former Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd has signed to play with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League.

The Roughriders (0-8) have been bit by the injury bug at quaterback this season.

Boyd was released by the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier this month.

Boyd is expected to join the team soon to begin learning the playbook.

Boyd starred at Clemson from 2009-2013 and is the Tigers all-time career leader with for passing yards with 11,904 and passing touchdowns with 107.[/b]

[url=http://clemson.247sports.com/Article/Former-Clemson-QB-Tajh-Boyd-heading-to-the-CFL--38950419]http://clemson.247sports.com/Article/Fo ... --38950419[/url]

Grover forgot to include the most important part of the abovementioned article:

Per a source, former Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd is expected to officially sign to play with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League.

The Roughriders (0-8) have been bit by the injury bug at quarterback this season.

Boyd was released by the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier this month. His CFL rights belong to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats at present, but a deal is in the works according to the source.

What have the greenies got that the Cats might want? Nic Demski? A first round pick next year?

I Sure hope we didn't take advantage of Saskatchatoonewans desperate need of a qb.. Sigh, why is there no sarcasm smiley thingy?

This guy's probably got it right.
(copied from a post by "depopulationINC" on the Roughriders' fan forum)

The report is still unofficial as there are also rumors that he is signing with the Cats...and they did have his rights for the past couple years. My guess is that he approached the Cats and inquired about a contract, the Cats were forced to offer him a contract or release, and made a swap of Neg list players with the Riders. The Cats have all the depth they need at QB for the time being.

The Riders, Bombers, the Esks all in need of a QB, Boyd could be another potential Cato. Trade for future considerations.

Unless a trade happens he will be here next week
This is from a better source, It is from Tajh Boyd!

[url=http://www.tigernet.com/story/football/Boyd-sets-record-straight-future-Steelers-13995]http://www.tigernet.com/story/football/ ... lers-13995[/url]

New Story: Boyd sets the record straight on future, past with Steelers

The former Clemson quarterback called TigerNet late Tuesday to discuss his future and to clarify some misconceptions about where he will wind up. Boyd was released last Tuesday by the Pittsburgh Steelers, ending his second stint with an NFL franchise. Boyd was signed by the Steelers on March 6th but did not play in either of the Steelers’ preseason games as the Steelers went with third-stringer Landry Jones. With the Steelers, Boyd was competing against Jones as well as quarterback/wide receiver Tyler Murphy for the third spot on the depth chart behind starter Ben Roethlisberger and backup Bruce Gradkowski. The Steelers signed former Virginia Tech star Michael Vick Tuesday after Gradkowski was placed on injured reserve. Boyd was the Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the Year in 2012 and set school and league records for passing yards (11,904) and passing touchdowns (107) during his three seasons as the Tigers’ starter. Boyd was drafted in the sixth round of the 2014 NFL Draft by the New York Jets but was cut from the team at the final cut of preseason camp.

Earlier Tuesday it was rumored that Boyd had signed a contract with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League. Boyd said that wasn’t completely the case. “There is some speculation that I am going to Saskatchewan. That is not the case,? Boyd told TigerNet. “The plan is to go over there (Canada) unless something changes. But I have to get my passport before I can do anything. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have my rights right now. So I can’t sign with anybody because Hamilton has my rights. Right now that’s the team I am with, and we will see if anything changes when I get there. But right now that’s where I am. It’s all about just getting there as fast as I can.? Boyd said he can’t do anything until he gets a passport. “It could be the end of this week or early next week. I had to get my passport expedited,? he said. “I’ve been looking for a reason to get my passport. We will see.?

Boyd said he doesn’t think being cut from the Steelers is a reflection of his talent – he knows he can play quarterback at a high level, and his dream is still to play in the NFL.

“Obviously this is a different route. But it’s not like I know I’m not capable of anything. There has been some speculation that ‘he must be terrible’ but to be honest with you I really wasn’t. There is a lot that goes into it that people don’t understand because they aren’t in the front office. They don’t get paid millions of dollars to make decisions. It’s easy to sit back and speculate for a social media standpoint and say, ‘Well he just couldn’t cut it.’ But I know the team had their reasons, and neither the GM nor the coach told me that was the case. A lot of it is just being in the right situation at the right time, and I didn’t fit into their plans right now. Right now I will go out there and play and put up some gaudy numbers and maybe I will be the next Warren Moon.?

Taman has a history of throwing around draft picks like confetti. Shouldnt be hard to swing a deal and get something. Perhaps Austin wants to keep Boyd and ship Masoli.

"Right now I will go out there and play and put up some gaudy numbers and maybe I will be the next Warren Moon.?

Maybe, while he's waiting for his passport, he should give Warren Moon a call and start learning the lessen, about the CFL, that's coming his way.

The Riders and Bombers are the only teams he would have a chance to get playing action on this season. Maybe the Als also, but I doubt it. So two teams for sure that would likely give a lot for his rights.

Actually... the Eskies really need a QB also.

Hamilton could use another RB, but who would be available at RB on those teams?

Saskatchewan has Jerome Messam and Anthony Allen, both of whom are quite good. Allen hasn't seen as much playing time because Messam is a ratio-buster. Perhaps he'd be available?

Trade Boyd's rights to SSK for their 2016 2nd round pick.

SSK 2nd round pick should be #10 overall, so we would have picks #9 and #10 in next years draft. :rockin:

With Watt recovering from a serious injury and Fantuz's mounting record of injuries, Ticats should try to get a Canadian receiver. Chris Getzlaf would look good in black and gold. How desperate is Taman?

Getzlaf makes $225K/yr :expressionless:

We want Demski!

Good point. Demski is also 10 years younger, and Getzlaf would be a lock to return to SK as a free agent. Another long shot, but again, how desperate is Taman?

We will see if Coach Austin negotiating skills are as good as his coaching skills. :wink: