Taj Smith

Rumors are that Taj Smith has been put on the 6 game with a broken collarbone. Can anyone confirm this?

If this is the case, I wonder how Doege feels about a crap pass over the middle ending a guys season? And if he would be gun shy to do it again...

yup I posted the same thing in the stamps vs riders thread. Yes TSN has confirmed he is done for the rest of the regular season.

Ouch this certainly will not help the Riders case but they do have a possible option that can be put into place quickly.
Schillins hit the line up last week. With Shillens injured and likely playing second team reps with Sunseri may have been a reason they tried him and Sunseri as a combo.
He is a big target and talented pro receiver. Had trouble adjusting to the Slot Back CFL position with the Waggle. With Taj out Schillens may be more effective as a boundry WR opposite Bagg. Dressler back to go with Getz and Swain along with Ryan Smith as a back up SB has the makings of still a better than average group.

I was at the game sitting on the 50 yard line. I had a clear view of the hit and watched him walk off. I guessed collar bone 4-6 weeks.

Oh man and you stuck it out to that point of the game? Give the man a purple heart. :wink: That must have been a very painful and unpleasant game to go to as a rider fan. Heck I give you a thumbs up for sitting through it to the bitter end.

I've left a game early twice ever. Once when I was a teenager and the group I was with, the guy driving wanted to leave with 2 mins left and that was my ride home (Lions 28 Esks 10), and once a couple years ago at Empire a friend of mine's band was playing a show and it was a late kickoff and a extra long game with injuries and challenges and it was a bit of a blowout with about 7 or 8 mins left (Stamps 48 Lions 33 I think). If they were Rider games I don't think I could have left.