Taj Smith

I would like to know everyone’s opinions on this guy…

I am thoroughly underwhelmed by him. I think he has speed and some talent, but I also think he is extremely lazy player. Last game alone there were 3 or 4 times when his laziness cost us a first down, or even just a gain. He drops a lot of balls, he never seems to full out run, his blocking looks like a half effort and its really starting to get to me. Right now IMO he is the weak link in our receiving corp. I have been trying to give him a chance and I am trying to like what he adds but I am very unimpressed. We have had far better guys come through this team just to be cut, and yet somehow he sticks around.

I've said this since preseason. HR makes enough big plays to keep him around, but I've seen him entirely stop moving on too many broken plays

He catches passes for the most part, but thats it, never gains any ground, not much good if he can't make extra yards once he has it!

This is a tough call. At times he's one our best receivers while other times you don't see him? If we had a consistent set of receivers it would be easier to judge. Really becoming one of the weaker spots on our team.

I like him. Runs really good routes. Not a power reciever by any means, but gets open deep.

He's the only deep threat and he has significant speed. If we had another guy who could fit that role his drops would likely lose him his starting spot. He's inconsistent but he's the only true deep threat right now.

I didn't see the last game, I was hoping Foster stepped up.