Taj Smith Suspended 1 game

The Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club has been advised that Taj Smith has been charged with violating a condition of release stemming from an incident last August.

Therefore, he will not play Thursday’s game in Winnipeg as the Club continues to monitor and review this situation.

AKA...he likely went drinking. If he was in a bar I tend to wonder if he goes suspended longer or is released.

So who plays?
Do they move Schilens outside? Mehh
DePalma is one gamed
Wish Anthony was aailable, but perhaps this means Pierzchalski?

Whoever it is it likely means dressing and extra WR as insurance, and only 1 RB...so Allen likely won't dress. It would be nice to keep a larger WR there, but perhaps even Swain moves outside and Ryan Smith gets more reps.

If he got in a scuffle they basically have to cut him. If it was drinking (especially in a bar) MAYBE a game or 2 suspended...but if the court is involved...oi........I can't see any way around releasing or maybe a trade at this point barring something unusual coming out of this....either way you just know he will come back and sting the Riders at some point.

IS this connected with DA release ? Is the club beginning to distance itself from those involved in that incident ?

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/teams/story/?id=454697&hubname=cfl-roughriders]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/teams/story/?id=4 ... oughriders[/url]


If they wanted to do that it would have been done already.

As stated…“violating a condition of release”…this was a violation of conditions set forth by the crown…some of the conditions included no drinking/drugs/bars. All it takes is stopping for one drink and the wrong person seeing, or sitting in a lounge for supper and being around the booze even if you are not partaking. Could be more, could be less, might be something else entirely.

Man you would think he would have learned his lesson by now. This really sucks given the situation with not having experienced receivers. Really disappointed in Taj for bringing this to the team. Offense just starting to find its feet and then this joker pulls the rug out doing something like this.

Well, on the bright side he is averaging what...40 yards a game...so he is not a focal point thus far. It is no doubt a hit though.

As for condemming him...I will wait until more comes out before doing that. If it was a raw deal of being in a lounge for supper...hey, I can live with that no problem. If it was a binge after last week's came...not so much.

Not condemning him but if he broke a condition of his release then no matter how insignificant it is he still was in violation of that term. Not rocket science that if your on thin ice all ready you don't take a bulldozer out on the lake. He may not been up to anything just in the wrong place but still why take the chance on something like this happening?

Whatever happened to the "code of conduct" manual that the Riders put together awhile back?
It sure seems that Rider players get into more scrapes than other squads. Maybe it is just more reportage?

I think it is just more reporting seeing / noticed. Granted, there has been more focuss since the big fight.

As for the code of conduct policy...how does one know it is not being enforced? It is not a one size fits all thing...there are going to be fines, suspensions, religation of duties / reduced action, going to PR, release, snap trades to the Argos, etc.

With Smith, they looked at the fight and said we question if he is trully guilty (hey, 2 already have charges dropped...as Anderson said 'I knew I was guilty of nothing')...we will stand by of employee here. Now he apparently broken some restrictions put on him and they took immediate action with potentially more to come pending evaluation, so I don't really see the issue on the office's side....they have taken actions and may take more.

Ya...good points.

Oh I’m sure that’s the case depop. No Roughrider can walk the streets in Regina without being noticed; it’s a fish bowl.

On the other hand, a couple of Argonauts could walk down Yonge Street in downtown Toronto for a half an hour at least and not have one person recognize them.

that's a good point about being under a microscope in Regina and that brings up the question when did this violation occur? Was it just this weekend while in Ottawa or was it in fact something that happened at home? If it was in Regina that would really make me shake my head as again players are well aware of the recognition of players at home. The odds of you "sneaking " out and not getting noticed is not very good so why would you even think about it?

Jeebus Crap ... We cannot afford to lose a player like this ... look at Toronto Mayor Ford, admits smoking crack and still holds his job. Doesnt look great on the city but so what ....... I say the Code needs a re-write ....... Taj should stay , and should even play this week... Who of any of us is a frickin angel ?

So what is more of a distraction to the team right now....him being there or him not being there? I have to think not being there. There is potentially a large portion of the roster that is also rather POd and feeling let down over this...depending on the exact situation

Pretty good read:

[url=http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Roughrider+Smith+released+from+Gatineau+court+breach+charge/10091676/story.html]http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Roughr ... story.html[/url]
Taman wouldn’t go into details about which condition Smith allegedly breached. It is believed that the violation took place on Sunday in the Ottawa-Gatineau area and that Smith went into a local bar.

Crown prosecutor Adam Breker, who is handling the Regina assault charge, said he was told Smith appeared in a Gatineau, Que., courtroom on Tuesday where the Crown there agreed to his release on $2,000 cash bail. Smith was also ordered to follow a couple new release conditions, namely that he submit to testing when asked to do so to ensure he hasn’t consumed alcohol and that he carry a copy of his release conditions with him when he is out.

Smith’s next court date was set for Oct. 6 in Gatineau.

The Roughriders have remained in Ottawa since beating the Ottawa Redblacks 38-14 on Saturday. The players were off on Sunday and had meetings scheduled for Monday. Taman said that Smith missed the team meetings and they didn’t find him until late Monday afternoon.

“We were actually quite concerned for his safety until we finally tracked him down,? Taman said. “It was about 4:30 or 5 o’clock (Monday). We hadn’t seen him during any of our activities (on Monday).?

This would seem to indicate that he went out alone and broke the conditions (and IMO equates to permanent suspension, thus ending his playing days until his contract is up), OR players that ribbed him into coming out and were afraid to admit to fess up to it…can’t see they wouldn’t have seen him taken away.

Taj seems like a great guy with a troubled past that still haunts a lot of his decisions. I want to see the best for him and fear an ousting might spiral him in an even worse manner...but at some point you need to draw the line...they can't babysit him when they are on the road. It does make one wonder where you need to separate the desire to improve the individual and the need to lead the team by stern enforcement of the COC.

I can't see any other player taking the chance of possibly facing the same fate if they were caught with him doing something that they knew would violate his release conditions. Sorry but this does not look good for Taj. He's not a teenager and he has to man up to the consequences. A good receiver and maybe a good guy but he also might have some issue that he needs help with. I hope he wakes up and gets it if that is the case before he ruins his life. His football career in the CFL may be beyond saving which again with his talents would be too bad but the team can not simply sweep this under the rug as a boys will be boys thing. He knows the rules he chose to break them and he has left the team with very few options.

The only way I can see him keeping his spot on the team would to agree to counseling of some kind. Agree to do a certain amount of charity work in the community. Agree to daily drug testing, failure to comply or failure of such a test or a further breach would be immediate termination of employment. Not sure if he is worth the trouble to be honest. Yes he is a good receiver but he is replaceable. The black eye that this gives the team is not to be taken lightly. Many fans including myself take pride in our players and how they represent the province and sorry but this is nothing to be proud of right now. The distraction of reporters and others consistently questioning him and the organization on the issue will not be small especially at home. Perhaps an example may need to made of him so that others do not think no matter how good they are that they are above the good of the team or the team's image.
It will be interesting to say the least to see how this all comes out in the wash but I guarantee you people and players are watching how this is handled.

I understand what your saying and your right look at Mayor Ford. What does that say about us as a society that we allow a public official to do drugs and still have a job? To me its says were all going to hell in a hand basket.
Yes athletes are only human and yes they make mistakes like everyone else does but honestly how many of you are old enough to have grown up with dreams of being a hockey player like Bobby Orr or Guy Lafleur or Dave Keon? These guys were to me almost god like and I know that may not be right but Did you ever read or hear of these guys breaking the law? Having extra martial affairs? I’m not saying they were saints but they kept their public image pretty squeaky clean because they knew it was expected of them. Read the NFL news and how many players are being suspended for domestic violence, drugs, assaults. What kind of image is that for a young person to try and imitate? " hey dad when I grow up I want to be like so and so and beat my wife and do drugs and get arrested" Kids do look up to sports stars and rock stars etc and do want to" be like Mike" They see the fame and fortune and want that too. Nothing wrong with that but when Mr Football goes elbazirko and snorts a key of coke and offs his family and half the neighborhood what does that say to our kids?

Look at Tiger Woods in a sport that is suppose to be the gentleman’s gentleman’s sport. You call penalties on yourself for not playing a ball where it lies or if it moves while you address the ball. Then comes along Tiger who is a great player but has this one little issue of keeping his zipper done up. Talk about your golf image killer. Then you have a guy like Fred Couples not the most successful golfer mainly due to his bad back but one of the nicest and friendliest guys you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. I was lucky and went to a charity benefit supper with Mr Couples as a guest speaker and yes the food was good and his speech was intelligent and funny but the thing I will take away from that I will remember the most is what a truly classy honest down to earth guy he is. After the speeches he did not slip out the back door as fast as he could but he stayed for at least an hour or longer just going around and shaking peoples hands and chatting and the thing about that is he was genuine and listened and answered questions a true gentlemen in every aspect. That is a sports star I would want my kid to imitate in their behavior.

“I am not a role model” - Charles Barkley

Sorry…athletes need to be admired for their accomplishments within their given profession, and parents need steer kids towards real role models. Kids need to see what people are capable of accomplishing, whether that be in athletics or anything else, but parents need to steer morality.

Don’t get me wrong, athletes are public images and do need to be held accountable within that, BUT, comparing modern athletes to ones of the past…cmon…that isn’t even fair. There are PILES of athletes through history who did “questionable” things, there are piles that didn’t…same as now…the difference now is that we live in a media driven world where any story sells and anyone can spill the next great scoop on the net. To put modern media exposure in perspective, few people knew Roosevelt ailed from Polio and was in a wheelchair…it is simply a different era that can not be compared. It is simply a smaller world and a lot harder to hide stories and conceal problematic people/athletes.

Some of the big buck sports, ie the NFL, are finally starting to realize they have a responsibility to help people who come into these ridiculous paydays and are pushing programs for new players…that seems to already be stemming some of the issues in the new generation of players and will likely get better over time…you are always going to have ones that will carry / cause issues…that is just reality…but once these new practices are established I do hope there is a way shorter leash. The NFL is one of the worst leagues out there for turning a blind eye to major issues, then condemning people for something like pot, which is, sorry, pretty minor in the grand scheme. The Riders have also done their part by the position Geroy holds…they see an issue and are attempting to do something about it.

You look back 40 years ago…if the CFL or NHL had went hard stanced on stuff like fights back then…well, the leagues wouldn’t have had enough players to have games. Things are improving…athletes are starting to have to live by codes that hold their public image up. Maybe Taj should be axed…maybe he should be given a zero tolerance clause and be made to do some public speaking / commercials. He has went through a lot in his life and could be an amazing counselor and spokesperson to troubled youths…so to me the question is…do you toss the guy aside and say you are on your own or do you try to build him up and have him touch the community and perhaps break his tendencies in doing so?

As a Rider,
Did he get in a bar fight with one who is supposedly a drug dealer and threatened to wait with a gun…yes
Did he start it…from people I have talked to no…did he finish it…it appears so…should have he gotten out of the situation as others did…clearly (sorry, bouncers also should have called the cops when the guy stood out front and called for backup as well)
Did he mess up big here…we don’t know the details. It appears he was in a bar, and yeah, that deserves some level of discipline…what…I don’t know. If he was in a fight…gone. If it was in a club…IMO suspended until after court for the stuff from a year ago. If it was in a lounge having supper but not drinking…I would call that an over-site and suspend for the single game (though it sounds like more than that).