Taj Smith & Dwight Anderson

CBC reporter Jordan Jackle is tweeting that Smith and Anderson were in court today on aggravated assault charges stemming from an Aug. 18 incident at a Dewdney Ave. nightclub. No other details were provided other than that a 20 year old guy apparently suffered serious injuries.

Yes, I heard this on ckom talk radio this morning. What crappy news to followup yesterday's loss of Rey for the season.

Everyone can get all excited about this but innocent until proven guilty. Even if you are a pair of roughies.

I have to assume that the Riders can get the best intel about the situation. I'm sure they are managing it accordingly. Do we expect any knee jerk reactions...........who knows??????

But it will be a distraction I would have to think. Especially with Anderson involved. He had a fit in game 1 or 2, kept clean until he blew up again in Edmonton.............and now this. True to his history he creates alot attention for himself.

Wait and see? The timing of this is bad. The timing of these things are never good.


I'd just posted in main forum:
Roughriders Dwight Anderson and Taj Smith facing assault charges

[url=http://globalnews.ca/news/836108/roughriders-dwight-anderson-and-taj-smith-facing-assault-charges/]http://globalnews.ca/news/836108/roughr ... t-charges/[/url]

Well, when Tillman faced was up against his charges team policy meant he was suspended and eventually had to part ways. Is the same potential here?

First concern is I hope justice is served either way...guilty or innocent, I hope the courts get it tight.

Either way, I imagine these 2 are out of the lineup...the Riders are going to be hurting w/o Williams, Smith and Anderson.

I have to suspect there is a lot more to this. Always suspecious when it is a 2 on 1 fight. Hope the fellow is alright.

Whatever happened happened. The truth will come out and whoever has to face the music will.

I have no idea how the club might have to react. They have their code. Becuase these two aren't guilty of anything yet I don;t think they are taken off roster?

I just heard on radio that they were arrested last night and did get the pleasure of spending some time in the clink. This morning out on bail. So upon hearing this (minutes ago) I don't think it sounds very positive. And the media is starting to swarm so we'll know alot more by 5pm tonight.

I'll put cart before the horse. Maybe Macho is best fit inside to DA. I don;t think Carlos is the guy. I don;t even think Russ is the answer and he's our only PR roster DB. If macho goes inside we need a corner and I think Turenne/Russ play that spot ahead of Carlos.

Sorry.......but Carlos Thomas hasn't really impressed me. As for Taj........I think the only guy is Kierrie Johnson since Eron is out?

Did we need this right now...........oh boy.

The rumor I heard a bit back was that there was gang activity outside the club and that a couple people were getting beat on by a bunch of them…AAnderson and Smith supposedly stepped in at that time to attempt breaking it uop and all hell broke loose. That was conveyed to me by a friend who’s frined told them, so I can’t put a lot of merit in it, but it is what I heard, and they were there. I tend to believe it. 2 Football players picking a fight and taking it so far as to hospitalize…can’t see it.

If the above is true, I salute them…not many people would step up as such.

That said, ET was facing charges and haad to step asside, and was gone once court was done (suspension the expulsion essentially)

Yeah.........I am sure as this blows up we'll start to hear.

I can only think the Riders know what occurred and therefore can get good advice on how they react and move forward. Let's be honest that the Riders have alot of connected people who can find out stuff. And because of the seriousness we won;t know the half of it...........until later. It's what happens between now and then?

They did not practice today.

This is bad news on so many fronts... In a Grey Cup year with all the pressure on the team to get there.
I don't know what the story is, but guaranteed that Rider coaches and management knew about it before.

Message needs to go to the rest of team to keep their nose clean...

If Taj Smith is suspended, maybe McHenry or Sisco get a shot... Or they are going to have to find some NFL cuts...
8 games left to get their crap together and get back on track.

De tout le temps qu'Anderson a été à Montréal, il n'a eu aucune incartade de quelque nature que ce soit. Pourtant, ce ne sont pas les occasions de se crêper le chignon qui ont pu manquer à Montréal non plus. Et il ne l'a pas fait.

Je serais donc très surpris qu'Anderson ait initié une bagarre ou y ait pris part autrement qu'en se défendant.

Anderson a son caractère, son côté cabotin et il peut péter un plomb de temps en temps, mais pas de là à commettre la bêtise de provoquer ou commencer un combat en pleine rue, je ne le crois pas.

Le procès en dira plus long.

Good post LeStaf...Comments from GM Taman in the link below.

[url=http://blogs.leaderpost.com/2013/09/12/brendan-tamans-comments-on-the-dwight-andersontaj-smith-situation/]http://blogs.leaderpost.com/2013/09/12/ ... situation/[/url] [url=http://cjme.com/story/breaking-roughriders-dwight-anderson-and-taj-smith-facing-assault-charges/131858]http://cjme.com/story/breaking-roughrid ... ges/131858[/url]

Couple videos also

Yup...basically courts starts in October, no suspension.

So, having talked to someone who was there and apparently reasonably sober...some guy lost his sh*t because one of the guys was chatting up his GF. The guy threatened that he would be back and packing. The players reported it to the club (Pure), who did nothing. A few of the guys said F this and left. DA and TS left and were outnumbered by several guys who started getting pushy. When one of them dawned a pipe or bat or something fists flew quickly, and one of the guys got stomped on pretty aggressively...that was the guy who ended up in the hospital. I fully believe this person's story. The actions taken clearly went beyond defense, but I can't blame them and likely would do the same...there come a certain point, drinking or not, where you just snap. For me, that is being outnumbered by people who are threatening you with clubs. It is believed these may have been gang members.

Nothing will come out of any of this. The same thing happened to some Stamps players a couple years back.

Rider players shouldn't be in nightclubs at 3:00am getting into altercations. This situation could seriously hurt the team. No excuses are acceptable. This is behavior that cannot be tolerated. They need to sit them till the outcome of the trial and if they are found guilty you have to cut them loose. If innocent, slap them with a fine for being so stupid and selfish.

Yeah, because nobody in their 20s or early 30s should be allowed to be in a night club right? If you want to hold players to standards above that of the general population, they better be paid at standards WAY above that of the general population. 100K a year does not do that. If you want to put these guys on a pedestal, which you just did, you need to pay them accordingly.

Guess you've never been at a bar at closing time huh?

"Guess you've never been to a bar at closing time, huh?" Sigh. "You'd better pay them a lot if you expect them not to be in bars at 3:00am getting into brawls". Absolute rubbish! How about this. "If you want to play football for this professional football team, you will conduct yourself appropriately. We expect you not to get into bar fights and there is an 11:00 curfew." I'll let you in on a little secret. If your football players are hanging around in bars at 3:00am, there will be drunken confrontations. Not sure if you've ever been in a bar at closing time before either, but guess what? There are a bunch of drunken people there. Players and management both need to give their heads a shake. During the football season, you are part of a football team and you don't do anything so stupid that it will negatively affect that team. That is my opinion on how a professional football team should be run.

I agree with you Opus.

I'm sorry this whole thing happened, but I agree with your point of view.

Also, if these guys (three of them now, not just two) are involved in a fight at a bar at 3 am, I wonder how much they had had to drink, and I wonder how fit they expected to be at practice the next day.

If it turns out they were just walking along the street and happened to see a fight and like Good Samaritans they came to the assistance of someone in distress, good for them. Otherwise, it's not how they should be behaving during football season.

You think they were looking for fights? Give your head a shake.

This is twisting words WAY WAY WAY beyond belief. I suggested NOTHING of the nature. As a first time poster, I gave you benefit of the doubt, but now have to think you are simply a troll. I said if you expect them to not go to clubs (go out and have fun) then you better start paying them elite money. I've unfortunately been in a few fights at the bar or with friends that were. In my experience it was a result from actions much prior to last call, and the fights were generally either before last call, or people (as in this case) getting all their buddies and waiting outside the bar to lynch mob them.

You think a club can tell its members that they have to be home by 11 on a non-game night, 6 days away from the next game and hope to attract talent? This old school militaristic approach simply does not work in this era.

You can't take away someone's rights to socialize...1/4 of the team was there ffs. You want to start restricting someone's life outside of eve prior to game, that better be in the contract they signed.

I've been at the clubs at close many times...any issues caused where not of mine. this is some punk you was pissed his GF was getting hit on, tried to be the tough guy and got smacked down. The stomp was going too far, and they may pay for that. If someone threatened you in a bar, then stood outside and waited for you all night (I really don't care if it was 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning), you are going to go "ho hum" and call the cops and hope that you are not laid out by the time they get there? Laughable.

....anything, as long as it's in the contract they signed....many professional sports organizations have conduct clauses while the season is in play...curfews, dress codes, mandatory press appearances, you name it....I'd be surprised actually that CFL contracts don't have a community behavior clause, could be wrong though, we never see these contracts and clubs seem pretty arbitrary on who gets suspended and who doesn't, or for what level of infraction...

..and while you might perceive this as old school militaristic rules I'd argue that the club that has a better control on their talent produces a better product...certainly that control needs to be seasoned with a dose of two-way respect though (something Hervey missed)

I'm a little surprised that the Riders haven't suspended them just to get rid of the distraction. I picked the Riders in the VGCC this week, but I'm really begining to wonder how this might affect their play.

Clearly there is enough "evidence" to pursue charges, but that is not a conviction yet (innocent until proven guilty), but for the team this has been a media circus, not related to football and now with the word of a third player being charged ... I'll be curious to see how this "plays out" for the Riders.

DA is the Essa Tikanen of the CFL ... you hate him when he's not on your team, but when he is ... you love him. I think this is the first time there has been trouble with DA off the field. Too bad, cause if this goes through he will always be remembered for it and not for his play on the field.


I don't think many Rider fans 'love' him. Most seem to tolerate at best.

In the pregame Naylor said that the players had a meeting on this and have banned dewdney ave for the season for players...self imposed reaction...good to see.

Rider staff is also investigating further and will likely decide on actions prior to court.