Taj done for the season

TSN is reporting that Taj Smith is being benched for the rest of the season but not cut. Did something happen in the background to have him on the hit list?

What is going on with this team? It seems if their record isn't good enough news now they have to add this sh** storm to the fire? What, is Chamblin trying to deflect some prying eyes away from him and throwing Taj to the wolves?

I thought Taj looked all right in the last game and this whole fluster cuck isn't on him. Why not make a trade and get something if possible for him a the very least. Sure Ryan has steeped up and deserves a shot and I'm all for that but to tell a
player they are being benched for the season and not even being released is kind of mickey mouse bullsh** in my books.

If you want to move on then move on but don't hamstring a player this way.

CC has stated that he has been surpassed by others on the team.

IMO Taj has run the wrong patterns a few times and not stepped into passes enough. He has made some nice plays, and his ability and willingness to read the play and make nice CLEAN blocks as well as go into contact for a catch are huge attributes that will be tough to replace, especially by a new player. It is coming into the time when portions of a Vet's salary start effecting cap if you cut them...they had to decide and 8 catches for 94 yards over 4 games was apparently not enough in combination with some of the other issues. They likely also have a guy or 2 on the PR who agreed to stick around for a month to learn and then go from there...if not playing they leave (this is an assumption)

I have never been a massive Taj fan, but I am still mixed as he does do some things rather well. I am hoping this is not an indication that Williams is the guy now...not sold on him...but it is probably do or die time for him soon as well.

Oh, and of course with Ryan Smith coming available they had to make room...no way are they not dressing him.

I know Taj has had a knee issue for a couple of weeks...so I am still wondering if that is a factor in it all. CC was pretty abrupt so it wouldnt be shocking if there was some bad communication there

lol...sorry...another post. Just popped open his twitter:

Thanks everybody for your support. Have to get healthy appreciate #ridernation for everything. This won't be the last of me promise you all
so yeah...probably the knee getting worse.

As Chamblin said in another interview "He is not at his fullest so we shut him down"

This had better be an injury issue of some sort , or I will be driving the fire CC bus soon as it is clarified otherwise

Watch the CC video for today.

Hey Hey Hey settle down. Gotta remember Chamblain is a great coach. If his 1 -14 record in the last 15, or his handling of the Running back situation last year, or his handling of the Sunseri and replacement Q. B. last year, or his Game mismangement and clock mismangement in the late stages of sure wins this year, or his vaunted defence that he admittedly took over and owns this year, even though teams are about 80 % throwing against them and last in most D stats, you gotta chill out man. He is a great coach. If you don't believe me just ask him. I'm sure he must have something up his sleave to get this show back to one that is enviable around the league. :roll: :roll: :wink:

This smells very bad, after watching video and listening to the prompting....
I think we are beginning to melt......

Stuff like this needs be kept more under wraps I think.. this team is imploding and it does need be done in public.

At this rate man, I almost cant wait for hockey season to start ..........................................

That's what I don't get. If he's injured he's injured so just come out and state that. None of this tippy toeing around with vague reasons. To say that he is done for the season though pretty much puts the writing on the wall though if I was Taj.

This kind of distraction and controversy is the last thing this team needs right now. Why not 6 game him and then you can come out and say it is worse then we thought blah blah blah. At least that way even though the team may know the truth the rest of the world wouldn't for awhile anyways, in that time things may be turning around and little attention would be given to it . If he is injured then of course they can't trade or release him but all the more reason to just come out and say that is the issue.

All this cloak and dagger bs is just that bs. The fans like us are left wondering what kind of three ring gong show are we witnessing now? Give us at least a plausible bs excuse instead of he is done for the season with only hints or innuendos of why. Talk about opening the doors for speculation as to why this was done. Well you aced that one Cory.

what cloak and dagger?


  • media 'where was Taj today'

  • CC 'we made a decision with Taj. He wasn't at his fullest so we shut Taj down and there are some other guys ahead of him and he will be done for the year.'
    ...we all know Taj has been nicked up and was iffy on even dressing a couple games this year...CC is saying they made the decision to sit him at this point and try other guys.

...the media then pokes him more and says he is done for the year

...the media chucks suggestions as to why...he says it is not his place to comment...

CC has said this before (ie with Milo and most other injury details)...once they are not active he does not comment on specifics...BT and him have clearly made that separation of duties. He did nothing wrong here...probably shouldn't have said he is out for the year...probably should have said he is out and when pressed said nothing has been released yet and it would be on BT to ask about it...but what he is saying is getting way way way blown out of proportion.

That"s just it he opens the door by saying Taj is done for the year and then asked why he comes out with its not his place to say why. That may be true but he opened Pandora's box too late to put the lid on it now. If your going to give half reasons or half the info its best to not say anything at all. The media is not going to let it go and neither are the fans.

This isn't Toronto where if they get a 1000 fans reading about the Argos they may be lucky. This is the Riders and for good or bad we like things to be straight up, either good or bad.

It's about time.

Are you sure that isn't eluding to mental/emotional health?

Yeah, I’m a bit puzzled by CC’s word games here myself. Not saying there’s necessarily anything wrong but why be so cryptic if it’s injury-related? Shutting Taj down for the season seems a bit drastic in response to injury unless there is some major, discernible ailment – torn ACL, for example, or anything else that is season-ending. If it’s injury-related, just say so in plain English so there is no speculation. Nothing to be gained by prevaricating.

Maybe they caught hold of another legal violation incoming or Taj getting ready to plea bargin in his court case.

That's what the TSN story is implying but of course, it's just speculation.

No, I am stating that his knee has been tweeked most of the season and they have stated more than once that he was a game time decision. If it is not getting better, or getting worse...hey...pull the trigger. Of course there could be more or other contributing factors...ie legal issues...not happy with output...a PR guy wanting a shake or leaving town...someone (ie Ryan Smith) bumping him,,,

Exactly . And that is what I meant by the cloak & dagger comment.

I thought it was pretty clear that he was a bit caught unprepared to speak on it a whole bunch. It is not like he was making an announcement here...he was pressed on it. Sure he should have been more cut and dry..."Tah is out of service for the time being...can't comment on it further at this time"...oh well. It is not being cryptic...he simply said too much.

Taj has been iffy with his knee...they made the decision and likely made the to IR him that morning and BT was likely speaking to him Smith as practice began...not before. In CC's eyes he was sidelining Taj because people were now above him due partially to the injury, partially because with his showing it was time to give the knee a break and try someone else, and potentially partially other reasons....he likely was not even aware yet if Taj agreed to go on the 6 but in his eyes he was done for the season and it was in BT's court.

take 0-4 away and nobody really puts much into this

Could be because of the cap... 2 vet dbs probably didn't come cheap.