Taj a huge signing

With the uncertainly of Dressler and the age of Geroy and the likleyhood that he may need to re work his contract for less pay Smith now has become the top import receiver on the Riders and gives them a great deep threat.
Returning another 1,000 yard receiver in Getz it gives the riders a top import and top Canadian receiver regardless of how the rest goes.
Eron Riley will come from last season as the top prospective replacement for Dressler if need be but he will for sure be getting competition from some new Import receivers coming most likley via the NFL/AFL.
One Canadian FA who I can see teams interested in if he does not get into an NFL camp is Chris Mathews, not happy in Winnipeg but a 1,000 yard rookie season and a big 6'5" frame may be much happier with a winning team.
From the Canadian side Getz and a healthy Bagg made the starting spots great. From there the search for a third Canadian receiver may be on. Using McHenry as an emergency back up at WR is much better playing the H-Back spot. Will Jordan Sisco shake off any injuries and break out a bit this season emerging as the 3rd Canadian receiver in case of injury or will the Riders look elswhere in Free Agency. hometown Jade Etienne had started with a break out season last year but it coinsided with another Canadian in Kholert with a break out season and the potential the BBs still have in Poblah. Kholert selected in the expansion draft also a SASK player is also a FA.
Hargraves another high Canadian REC draft pick will be entering his 7th season and has yet to emerge as solid Canadian receiver.
Canadian receivers drafted out of the CIS usually take a few season to adapt So I would look for the Riders to go after one unless they see either both or one of Sisco or Hargreaves being ready to step it up this season.

Good post cflsteve, another WR open right now is Inman from Toronto, any thoughts people?? As Tor. released him!

He signed a futeres contract with the NFL Chargers

Chris Mathews has already worked out for the Seahawks but the Bombers will probably not release him early and if there is the interest he would have to wait until the official FEB 15 date.

Both Inman and Mathews are still young enough where they would be willing to sign a practice roster contract where as dressler would come righ back to the CFL.

Nick Moore of BC is also a 1,000 yard free agent and has had several NFL tryouts but would have to wait until the official FEB 15 to see if a futuers contract is in his future.
Moore being 28 spent a couple of seasons in the NFL practice rosters and UFL so he would be likley to return to the CFL and unless he has real shot would probably come right back to the CFL

That answers that thought, seems we always loose a few to the NFL each season! I wish Dressler the best, but I would prefer to have him back!!

Although unless Dressler sees an NFL future contract and camp invite being a real chance and not a camp body you would think he would automatically want to come back to Regina to defend the cup.
I wonder if there was some quiet displeasure from Dresler afet his years of Top Sevice to the Riders that Simon came in and got a better contract than Dressler has gotten as well as Simon getting an endorsement deal.
Perhaps he felt betrayed to a point but would never say anythin aloud in the media.
Which Brings us to Simon is Dressler does return to the CFL for training camp he would deserve the contract price that Simon had he had a way better season.
This would mean that if you want Dressler back then Simon would most certainly have to take a pretty big pay cut especially with the role he played as the Riders number 4 receiver.
Dresler is more productive than Sin=mon, More popular than Simon in Regina, so maybe a local business can get on board andoffer dressler an endorsement deal

Dressler did do an endorsement with Humpty's, yah they need to pay him top dollars as he has always been the top receiver since he came here, Hell I wear his jersey!!

Good for Dresssler and good for the communities businesses for supporting there players with endorsement deals.
How long did that endorsement deal last?

It's not like Dressler was the only CFL player to do a Humpty's commercial...several players have done them. Humpty's has been a strong CFL supporter for a while now, and has done player cards as well. Not sure if they did them in 2013, but they did in 2012. It is not a local thing, it is a corporate sponsorship league wide, not on a per club basis.

I have always thought of Dressler as one of the leaders and motivators on offense. When the rest seem to be dragging their butts he often comes up with a big catch or play and gets them on track again. I wish him luck in his quest for a NFL contract but deep inside I hope he does come back and gets the contract he deserves.