Tait: Timing syncs up for Prukop, Bombers

There was joy in Dakota Prukop’s voice. And perhaps still just a teeny-tiny hint of disbelief, too.

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Can't see too many Winterpeg fans getting worked up about this. Frankly he's just one of many QBs kicking around the league that have never managed to crack a starters job, & while he may provide some relief in an emergency I don't see him challenging Collaros. If all the BB want is insurance ok, but I'd be really surprised if he ever gets a shot at starter.

Outside of an injury likely not. Unless perhaps the final regular season game has no meaning. Would be nice if after a successful 3rd & short, Dakota could remain on field for the next play. But who knows. Nice to have a bit more confidence this year over last.


Is swapping McGuire for Prukop that much of improvement? I always kind of put them in the same boat, talentwise, not that I've paid either a whole lot of attention(cus they both were always on the sideline). You of course need a quality back-up, but I don't see this as much of an improvement over last years situation. Some people seems to lack confidence in McGuire, will they have more with Prukop? Just curious.

I thought the Bombers would go after Watford.

If I were asked last year I would agree, but giving how Elks played last year, Dakota's performance may be an be a result lack of protection. Time will tell, hopefully with better protection he will improve.


I'd say its an improvement, and I liked McGuire more than most. Not sure about the "QB of the future" stuff, but a decent go to if needed. Will teams be allowed to PR a 3rd QB next year? Would still like to see us have a young star in the making around for after next year.


Agree, McGuire got a raw deal starting in an extreme storm last year. I believe he is better than that performance.


I liked Prukop's personality but I think his performance barely ranks him as a back up QB. I certainly can see why he was so excited to sign with the Bombers as they are, right now anyway, the team most likely to represent the Western Division in the Grey Cup. Now he has a shot at getting a ring. And leaving the ELKs under Jones is his best opportunity at that shot of glory. However, in our league nothing is a guarantee, and there are many contenders that have a say in who gets the nod.


Agreed. As a Bomber fan I am happy that we have improved at backup, it appears. McGuire may have gotten a raw deal and may have been better than he looked last year, but he inspired confidence in his ability in exactly no one. I don’t think he is there to challenge Collaros, but rather to learn from him and improve. As he says himself, he couldn’t have walked into a better situation. There was also very little available in the backup QB market, which is underscored by the speed with which the Bombers signed him. I would also prefer him over Watford, who didn’t exactly light it on fire in his appearances for Hamilton last year. We’ll see, but not a negative on paper.


It's because the Bombers are so desperate for a backup Tait, your Winnipeg bias is on full display as usual.

Yep he's kind of a poor man's Mathew Schlitz.

Schiltz? Schlitz? Whatever.

Well, not everyone covering CFL can be a Rider fan......

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Having been with the Argos, I can guarantee you Prukop is pretty useless.

Hmm, Tait writes an article for the Blue Bomber website which the CFL picks up and you cry foul? Strange, insecure, jealous?


Right you are MD , jealous is the word, but he is from Regina or close by. No option but to be jealous , poor soul . LOL