Tait: Three storylines ahead of Bombers-Riders

Few get to call their career shots in professional football. One day the door closes – maybe it slams shut suddenly – the phone goes silent and the opportunities wither away.

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Jeepers! The list of Bombers not playing tonite looks like the top of their depth chart. This is the main reason I’m not a big fan of pre season games. They are just as meaningless, or probably more so, than the games the Bombers played at the end of last year after they had clinched. I get it that they need to evaluate talent and that doing so is important, but to pretend that the game means anything or will tell us anything about how good the Bombers might be this year isn’t realistic.

Typical of this site to put up an article written entirely from a Bomber perspective.

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It’s for evaluating new players and prepping for the season, nothing more nothing less. The scores are meaningless.

Many playing tonight will be gone on cut down day. Not even sure if there is a game cheque on the line.

Bombers seem to treat it as a reward to those who came to camp and worked hard knowing they are not in the plans. Gives the guy a chance to say he dressed in an exhibition game which is more than a lot of people can say. Probably gets to keep the jersey.

Tickets should not be tied into the season ticket package or at least be an option. General admission rush seats should be $10 or $8.

Points to the winning team be it one or two will make the game more interesting. Pay the players appropriately. A game is a game.

Next CBA watchout.

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Why Risk injury (Rose), the best thing about re-signing the core of your team from last year, they know their job come game day.

@montypython Tait write’s for the Bombers if I’m not mistaken.

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Absolutely. And Tait does write for the Bombers. Years ago he was the Winnipeg Free Press football writer then spent time in BC I believe writing for/about the Lions.

And to answer Monty Elks criticism, there are various articles about all teams on this website, not just the Bombers. They just happen to be playing tonite.

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