Tait: Lawler sees no limits for 2023 Blue Bombers

Kenny Lawler stood confidently in front of the podium in the media centre at IG Field on Valentine’s Day and proceeded to gush about what it means to return to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

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"I’m the best receiver in the league and guys around the league know that. They know every time they come to play with me, I’m going to hit them in the mouth, I’m going to catch the ball…I’m going to do all of that and it’s not going to stop.”

“Everything I bring to the game is quite different and I (don’t) believe anyone else can bring to this game. I believe I’m a generational player and throughout the years I just want to show it and I believe all the coaches who have coached me understand that. With that there’s a great responsibility.”

Kenny if you're going to talk this much smack.....you better bring it!.

All is good Kenny welcome home 23 should be a load of fun for the single blue team.

Tait being one of those typically unbaised Winnipeg sports reporters and all.

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The offence should be really good.

I’m more interested in the final paragraph of what Kyle Walters said. He clearly is not happy with the place kicking game and he is intending to light a fire under Legghios a**. Let the competition begin.


Ha ha. Typical receiver trash talk. I do think he is the best receiver in the game but being a generational receiver a la Milt will take some time to establish. Having the best QB in the league throwing to him will certainly help, but he’ll need to stay healthy. Presumably not having to stretch himself out of his shoes for every second pass this year will help.

Ya, I also raised an eyebrow reading his comments. I don't remember him being that big on himself 2 years ago...I'll echo the response that he better show he's the best if he's going to say he's the best. But, MOS will likely have a talk with him, and I'm sure the brashness will subside once camp starts and its all about "Team"


Nothing against Legghio...by all accounts he's a good man and a fine teammate. Let him punt the ball all year long. He is a liability as a place kicker. He has no head for the pressure and will continue to leave fans shaking their heads with every missed extra point and easy FG's. He's been given ample opportunity to turn it around. Time to look elsewhere if you want to play in Hamilton this November...