Tait: Kelvin McKnight ready to step up for Bombers

It is a story with parallel narratives featuring two main characters – the fresh face and the grizzled vet – but the one which resonates most is this: Kelvin McKnight is back in the Winnipeg Blue Bombers receiving corps based on merit, on his skillset and his versatility. And, as much as some might want to make it about this, it’s not at all a reflection on veteran Naaman Roosevelt or his readiness.

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The Grey Cup is far from won. But the Bombers are the clear cut favourites. I am repeating myself, but the only thing that will stop the Bombers is injuries....or is it? Factor in the crazy and wild and weird! Like what you say?
-Covid... who da thunk it. Can anyone guess what's next with Covid? Some players will not be able to play the last two rounds of the playoffs if their not vaccinated.
-DUI... didn't see that coming!
-Injuries? Its only a guarantee.
The Bombers are riding good times, no question. But humility is as far away as your next game! Here is to a great second half of the season. Its anyones CUP!