Tait: Ellingson finds his fit in Winnipeg

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have had Greg Ellingson in their crosshairs before – on a couple of occasions, actually – but have now landed their coveted target.

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Ellingson finds his fit in Winnipeg

Well only time will tell if this is a good fit or not for Greg, but I hope he'll have every opportunity to prove it's so. I do think Edmonton(aka Jones) should have made more of an effort to keep him & don't understand why they let him walk. He's proved to all of us he does the job well, & at 33yo still has a year or two left, one would think. Seems to me he got swept out of town for merely being part of last years Elk travesty.


Although the article doesn’t specifically say, I don’t think that it takes much reading between the lines to conclude that Ottawa didn’t make the same effort the Bombers did to sign Ellingson. They may have just thrown money at him, as he says. That may work for some players, but clearly not all. Ellingson’s explanation and reasoning creates comfort for me as a Bomber fan that he is not short of character and will fit in well in Winnipeg.


Yeah Tait whatever, he's been with Winnipeg all of what 10 minutes now?

I cheered Greg when he catch passes as Eskies and I will cheer the classy Greg in Wpg or wherever as he is wonderful for CFL


I'm hoping he's 'wonderful' for us too. :partying_face:

i think Tait is a terrific in-house writer for the Bombers. He was a good columnist and has moved into this role very well imo.


Yeah Greg is just a shining pillar of his community. He bailed on Hamilton for more money from Ottawa. He was charged with a DUI in Ottawa so resigned with EE to be with his buddy TH. Now pulls up stakes again for an elongated career in Winnipeg. He couldn't hold a candle when compared with his father. He may have the capabilities of catching footballs but on a scale of 1 - 10 as a person he scores at best a 1

Soooo..... we'll put you down as still on the fence......
....Re: Ellingson??