Tait: Demski settles in with his hometown team

It all seems so simplistic and straightforward now that Nic Demski has scribbled his name on a three-year contract extension with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

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In Nic's own words.

"My best opportunity is here.”

"That’s part of what made this so stressful,” he said. “I never wanted to think about leaving."

"My heart and my mind was always about coming back to Winnipeg. I never fully took myself out of that"

"I’m just completely thankful and honoured that they want to do that with me, too, and they have me in their plans. I just can’t wait to work and grind with the boys we have in our locker room"

Winnipeg Blue Bombers and fans are honoured as well, all the best in 2023 and beyond Mr Demski, thank you

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As a lifelong Bomber fan and native Winnipegger (living in Calgary....eesh), I am thrilled to see #10 back in Blue for the next 3 years (at least...). Losing to the Argos last year was painful, but this signing manages to rub at least a little bit of the rough off of that sting. Welcome home son!

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