Tait: Bombers feel the sting of Grey Cup loss

The sudden stab in the heart – followed by the cold, hard slap to the face – came late Sunday night in Regina in the loss in the 109th Grey Cup. And two days later the pain still lingered for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

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Well they some it up for every team… even Ottawa, Edmonton and Saskatchewan but most importantly the Lions.

Even if we need a new starting QB the Lions will be back and remembering that bad taste left in the mouth. I sure hope we get Nathan back for at least two more years or the rest of his CFL career. But god works in masteries ways :beers:

From a Roughrider fan who bleeds green I have to say that I was cheering for Nathan the whole time. He is one great QB and going forward will be a force to be reckoned with. If the Lions can keep him they will be looking at Grey Cups in the future.

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Mike Miller:

“It’s not something we expected. We knew Toronto is a good team and it was going to be a battle, but with the season we had and the locker room of guys we had nobody thought this would be the position we’re in right now.”

If you don't expect to lose - if going into a chance for a threepeat, you are not terrified of losing with a 26-6 record, don't respect your opponent, well, that's what happens. Will the Bombers be remembered for the great season or, like the 15-2-1 Stamps who lost to the REDBLACKS & who were called out as chokers by a lot of people? That is what is staring you in the face when you go into a championship game as prohibitive favourites - as the team that finds ways to win, that shuts down teams in the final quarter, as a team that could beat the opposing team with their "B" game. All talking points for reasons they could not lose. You win & they call you a dynasty with a chance at a 4th. You lose & you may be remembered for something else.

The Bombers & their fans hopefully look back & celebrate this run & not what could have been. The GC loss should not override their recent accomplishments.


Not sure how you can say the Bombers weren’t terrified of losing and didn’t respect their opponent.

In my opinion no team should be terrified of losing. That’s a sure way to lose. The Bombers were confident but not strutting with braggadacio. O’Shea ensures this is always the case.

You quoting Miller as saying “we knew Toronto was a good team and it was going to be a battle” doesn’t suggest a lack of respect of their opponent by the Bombers. Again, I don’t think O’Shea would allow that mindset.


Exactly Jon.

Pants, what part was disrespectful? Who goes into a game terrified? Your team? You read more into Mike Millers comments than necessary. No disrespectful statement, just what every Blue Bombers mentality is going into every game.

We, as fans will reflect on the greatness of this team over the last 3 years and will celebrate what they accomplished and not measure them by this loss.

So, your last sentence, no, this loss will not override their recent accomplishments is accurate. It will only make them stronger.


Can't believe any team goes into a game expecting to lose or be terrified of losing.
Teams go into games confident of their preparation and abilities.


Bombers fans feel the sting of Grey Cup loss and swell to immense proportions... Allergic reaction to losing suspected as cause.

Epipens don't help either darn it. :sneezing_face:


Yes, but more importantly you hijacked the avatar I was going to use when we go back to our brand of logo.

To Maaxs point, the current avatars we are using are definitely making me itchy! There is only one cure..and no it’s not more cowbell, that’s another teams thing, it’s getting back the best logos in the CFL.


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Not to belabour the point, so I will, Jon😃 IMO when on O the QB's fumble twice, get INT's twice & throw 3 catchable balls which are dropped, the helmets were probably screwed on a little too tight for this game. When the OL gets beat for 6 sacks, same. Yes, 2 were called back but they still got beat. When the D can't hold a 9 point lead, gets beat by a backup QB who barely played this year & gets a combined 2 sacks from former MOP's, IMO the Bombers got the yips. The game, the possibilities in front of them were too big to overcome.

If it is true that the Bombers were a great team, which their record certainly indicates & which, prior to the game, was commented upon in many corners, the only conclusion you can come to is the moment was too big for them. O'Shea can caution the players all he wants but did the "real" Bombers show up? Is that what a focused Bomber club looks like? IMO they underestimated the Argos - as did a lot of people as "unworthy" to be on the same field. :sunglasses:

Small error "combined 2 sacks" should read "one combined tackle" from the Bomber duo.:sunglasses:

Sorry, for the high-jacking but I had to move back to something more comforting after some "fans" from another team started trolling a Bomber fan page being the worst examples of the CFL family.
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You’re just trying to make something out of nothing. They weren’t and shouldn’t have been terrified of losing and showed complete respect for the other team. Keep trying! :sunglasses:

In reality the Bombers played one of their worst games of the season. No yips except for Liegghio. The Argonauts played one of their best. They won the game by one point. It’s that simple and I don’t read in a bunch of long term problems. Any team can win or lose one game. That’s what happened.


It sounds like someone is experiencing an overdose of schadenfreude.


Didn’t see that. They’re everywhere!

No. Not my intent. There are several more awesome logos. Gonna find one now!



I'm sinking...

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@ Maaax...Ahhh...beavers...the bane of all wooden ships.
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I just spent 4 days in a leaky boat, aye oh aye oh aye oh.

Hang on Maaax. We’ll send out the Beaver, uh, Bomber signal and Dibs will airlift you out shortly.

We expect you to hang on and not be terrified.. :wink:


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