Tait: Bombers extend Goveia, McManus through 2023

Danny McManus and Ted Goveia were both there at the beginning and helped place the cornerstones in the methodical rebuild of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. And now the club’s dynamic assistant general managers and talent sleuth duo are back on board for two more seasons after signing contract extensions with the back-to-back Grey Cup champions through 2023.

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Well, that's a pretty good start. It will be tough in 2022, need to keep the base at every level.

Congratulations Danny & Ted.

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Sounds expensive ......how can they keep them both especially when McManis is in such demand.. further more why do they need him when half Bombers starters are just signings from other teams.....

Smart move. It will be very helpful in signing their own free agents by sending the message that those responsible for building their success are likely not going anywhere, including O’Shea and probably Walters. The current stability and success of the Blue Bomber franchise is second to none. They also can afford it because they aren’t paying any fired managers or coaches not to be there.

Let's be fair Stallion. The upper echelon have done a good job building the team. Winnipeg fans have to be happy they're both on for a couple more years.

Maybe so..... but still must be coming with hefty price tag in a cap strict world

Lets be fair. Bombers have been very lucky. Collaros and nobody else is typical. Jefferson backed up by a global. 6 year special team veterans.

They will be again be lucky to make the playoffs in 2022.

Sounds like sour grapes to me. It appears they have made a lot of incredibly “lucky” decisions for several years. Their global player (Hansen) shows that they have had the best scouting department for many years. I don’t think it was luck.

As I’ve said before, it’s too early to tell what any roster will look like next year, but I think the Bombers are likely to be the preseason favorite to win it all. Don’t see how they will be lucky to just make the playoffs. For now (and rarely in the past) the Bombers are the #1 preferred destination for CFL players, a huge recruiting advantage.

Great start to the 3peat in Mosaic and at a reduced price. Let the signings begin!!

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Calgary, Edmonton, and Sask will be tough to beat. I expect Sask to go all in on the home GC with lots riding on Cody Fajardo.

The Bomber advantage of keeping the team together will have been negated in 2022 by the other teams who rebuilt after the year off. They are an aging group. Their only strategy has been to overpay free agents which is the true attraction of Winnipeg for every one of them.

Can’t agree. What evidence is there of them overpaying free agents? Jefferson and Bighill took cuts to play there, Bighill over 50% of his salary. The two most overpaid free agent signings in recent years have to be Mike Reilly and BoBo Mitchell, neither of which has performed very well. The Bombers are smart enough not to waste a huge amount of their cap on any one player, as BC and Calgary have done. Instead they picked the current best QB in the league off of the scrap heap and pay him way less than the two overpriced duds I mentioned.


The best roster in the CFL, two consecutive Grey Cups... nobody can argue against that kind of success. We'll be tough to beat until sometime AFTER 2023 when we'll likely lose them to a team (or teams) that will finally recognize their talents. Let's enjoy the next two years and MAYBE (fingers crossed) the next two Grey Cup appearances. :smiley: :+1:


Glad to hear that the Riders will go all in on Choke Fajardo. Sure he can produce a game winning drive against the likes of Ottawa or BC. But when it really matters, he can't win.
Hopefully, Calgary will keep riding the BLM train and his dead arm. All he's good for is throwing interceptions.
Edmonton, seriously, not even Chris Jones will clean that swap up over the winter.
Winning the 3peat in Regina will be sweet.

Saw on Riderfans that Fajardo is due $515,000 for 2022. Good player, bad contract. Forces them to have a ELC backup.

Jeremy O'Day and Craig Reynolds are trending in the wrong direction.