Tait: Bombers excited as training camp opens

I too disliked certain teams when I wore a younger man's clothes. Sometimes I also disliked oatmeal and called small birds idiots. Other times I twitched randomly and threw grapes at passing freight trains.

People are often relieved when I wear my own clothes. :beaver:

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Small birds are idiots, but I have to draw the line at disliking oatmeal. With toast, what else will get you into the afternoon?

As long as you're wearing clothes everything should work out.

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Everything but showers. Four out of five clothing experts agree that it's best to go in to one of those wearing as little as possible.

I once read on a website that Boris Levionis is/was his actual given name. I can't imagine what it would be like for a kid growing up in Texas with a name like that. I did a quick google just now to see if I could identify the website but got no results. It could be that the creator of that website was just making a joke and it has since disappeared. Or it is true and Boris Levionis didn't like being outed and had it removed. As much as I would like to claim authorship I'm not THAT witty.

I still like it. It seems fitting.

Levionis has an archaic, Greek/Latin, kinda, god like sounding. Something NOT noble. Something Marcus Aurelius would have fought, most noble, against.

Seems fitting. :slightly_smiling_face:

For me, a child of Scandinavian immigrants who grew up in the summer blizzards and winter heat waves of Minnesota is just not hat impressed with cowboy culture.

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I believe any horse, with any kind of nobility, would throw Bo along with his glove off its back.