Tait: Bighill has found his fit with the Bombers

Truth be told, the novelty of playing against his old club and the notion of delivering some sort of retribution or sending a message – or whatever pent-up emotions might be involved – wore off a long, long time ago for Adam Bighill.

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We're happy that Adam Bighill's happy. I started to worry when he mentioned, “I’ve got my in-laws here now..." but he's managed to work past that. Looks like we've both discovered that Winnipeg's not so bad once you get over the harsh winters, the blood-thirsty mosquitos, the raging floods, the wayyyy too short summers...

It's hard to imagine why more people don't move here. :thinking:

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I've got nothing but good things to say about this guy. Superb athlete with the work ethic to put anyone to shame. Plus, in conversations I've had with him outside of the game, he's smart, innovative, and driven. A definite asset to the game and our province. Thanks Mr. Bighill!


Would have been a good game to watch but I just couldn't handle Rod Black. Turned it off. Damn shame the CFL keeps him around. A disgrace to the profession.