Tait: All eyes on Bombers' backfield as camp wraps

All eyes will remain on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ offensive backfield right up until the Aug. 5 season opener. As everyone waits for some official news on the status of star Andrew Harris – no update yet, FYI – this much is all but a given: whether it’s Harris that gets the call as the Bombers open the 2021 season or not, the job will belong to a Canadian.

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Harris is 34, an age most RB's drop off dramatically. You need only look at Messam, 33, in 2018 was done after 2 successive 1,000 yard + campaigns. Bombers identity is the run so hopefully the new guys can pick up the slack. It's not just Harris. Streveler had over 700 yds rushing & was a good counterbalance to Harris. He's gone. I think they tried to make an effort to get Collaros a proven game breaker in Mitchell but he retired soon after signing. Adams, their top receiver, got injured. Looked bad but haven't heard much since the injury. The Bombers are a club I see taking a step back.

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Agree, Oliveira, Augustine, Borsa & Williams all seam good on paper Augustine having experience with Bombers 2019 is a positive but I don't believe anyone has QB experience IE Streveler ( more RB than passer) , still hoping AH remains competitive for some time.
Confident O'Shea is TCB

Not to derail this thread but Messam wasn't done at 33. he was in his prime. If he hadn't gone to jail he'd still be playing today.

Messam was primarily used on short yardage when he came to Regina. His yds/carry his last year in Calgary was 4.7 & in Regina was 3.9 before his other problems. In his 6 games he only exceeded 7 carries twice. For RB's 33 is a delicate age. It's old. I take it from your handle you may follow the Riders. If so, look @ Mimbs, 33, or Cates, 32 -their last seasons in the league. Messam was already showing signs of decline in Calgary - yds/carry went down 3 years in a row.