Tait: Adam Bighill finds home in Winnipeg

The good folks at the Canadian Football Hall of Fame likely haven’t started sculpting the bust for Adam Bighill just yet, but they are undoubtedly planning room for it.

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Hard to imagine a better person to build a team around and to be the leader. Even though he could have made more money last year and this year elsewhere, he obviously has “maximized value” as well as anyone, as the article outlines. I would speculate that Bighill is the main reason that an Antonio Brown type wouldn’t last more than a game on this squad.


I totally agree with u! Great player,great guy


He loves the fanbase/city, and we love him! Name me a better leader than Bighill.

Anyone that thinks guys just want to chase a payday, and won't sometimes take a little less to stay with the team, needs to read this article.