Tait: A great day in Bomber history

Let’s open by painting a picture of a scene from the press room in the basement of IG Field on Friday.

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I am writing in this section of the site because I figured someone might read my comment. I tried yesterday in their headline story about the future of the CFL and the article is not there today - it is a bit frustrating when you take the time to post a comment and then it and the article vanish???!!

So first, I pay my respects to Mike O'Shea and to the Bomber organization.

Now to my comment from yesterday.... it basically stated that if the CFL wants to grow the game - then grow it by expanding to Halifax! That was close to being a reality prior to the pandemic - where does it stand now?

I hope someone out there can help inform this poor soul of mine.

Maybe you should post this in the thread on expansion to Halifax.

As mentioned above, there are other threads that deal with expansion specifically. the longest one was started by DaveDaHammer and references expansion to Chicago as preferable to expansion to Halifax.

I wasn't aware of expansion to Halifax being close pre pandemic, but even if it was, unfortunately it is not now. There is no interest in building the necessary infrastructure and Halifax wasn't even represented at this year's TD Atlantic game. Moncton would appear to have more chance of landing an expansion franchise. Or Chicago.