So I have been a Ticats fan for over 10 years now and come down to a few games every year.
I have always just went to the stadium and never stopped to do any tailgating.
I am coming down to the Montreal game on Saturday and was hoping to do some.
Just looking for suggestions on best place to do this?

Is drinking alcoholic beverages part of your definition of tailgating?


It’s part of most peoples definition of tailgating, although I’m not really sure why you felt the need to ask.

To answer the question, head to Lot E. http://ticats.ca/tim-hortons-field/#parking.

Because I've never viewed alcohol as even a necessary element for tailgaiting so I was very surprised to learn last year that a large element of the populace actually equates tailgaiting to drinking outside of a stadium, that's why I asked.


you were surprised when you learned tailgating involved alcohol?


A [b]tailgate party[/b] is a social event held on and around the open tailgate of a vehicle. Tailgating, which originated in the United States, [b]often involves consuming [/b][b]alcoholic [/b][b]beverages[/b] and grilling food.

Yes. There are people who just aren’t focused on drinking you know.


When the tailgating phenomenon first started getting press play in the eighties(?), the focus of these reports was on the BBQing aspect. Racks of ribs and whole sides of steers in massive parking lots outside of Texas stadiums! So when I thought of tailgating (until recently), I thought of elaborate BBQing. I guess the concept has now evolved into just another excuse for drunken revelry though.

C’est la vie. Different strokes for different folks I guess…


It’s not all about getting loaded for most people. It’s about having some fun socializing with friends and other fans. Throw the football around and toss some food on the grill. When I tailgate I have a couple beers tops while socializing. Ya there are some fans who choose to get drunk. That’s their choice just don’t ruin it for everyone else by being stupid. For me tailgating is part of the game day experience now and a fun way to meet other people.

Great post. :slight_smile:

I take it you’ve never been to a tailgate in Hamilton. Buffalo is a unique experience. Ticat games are nothing like that.

I have not seen a tailgate party in either Hamilton or Buffalo, or been to one anywhere for that matter, but am somehow relieved, and, strangely, even elated, to read that Hamilton is nothing like Buffalo.

Buffalo is a who different beast. From pinto Ron, to dizzy bats and power slaws through folding tables. Hamilton is a total different atmosphere and I have yet to see it reach even remotely close to the level of stupidity that I’ve seen in Buffalo. That said I have had fun times at both tailgates

Yep, I've had a great time in Buffalo, but can understand why it's not for everyone. Hamilton has its share of rowdy fans, but the tailgates are relatively family friendly.

personally I need to get to a hammertown tailgate.

we always have a bunch of fans to my place before game, tailgate here, then head down using the free HSR (or pile into a minivan cab).

i’m guessing the only tailgate lot is the one north of barton st?

What is he about to do to her?

Power slam her down upon the table like they do in wrestling.

likely as a result of all the water drank out of those red cups.

They’re not the smartest people.

Whatever it is it looks pretty uncivil. :o

Are you kidding me? You must be a roar at parties. If you want to go to a tailgate just to socialize just stay home on Facebook and save some time and money. Football is about playing hard for the players and partying hard for the fans and amen to that.