What's the deal with tailagating at Riders games? What time does it get going, where's the best place around Mosaic to get involved, are there restrictions on bringing alcohol, are there organised events...? Doesn't seem to be any info on tailgating on riderville.com?

If you search there is some info within the forums, but this is likely a good start:


Though depending on what you seek for after party, there are people starting to go more to the downtown core of pubs after. If you intend to be gone from the bar by 1, probably Dewdney is fine...it can get stupid there at times at last call.

We should actually consider getting a tailgating sticky

thanks for the link. i did do a search and saw the thread but thought there might be newer info. you're right, a sticky would be great. it's strange that riderville doesn't have any info on it. having been to nfl games and a stamps game too it would be good to know how things are done in regina!

so i have worked out that the 'tailgate' doesn't happen in the car park but on the practice field, and it's called the 'game day fan fest'.

  1. is it free to get in? do you need to have tickets for the game?
  2. you can buy beer. can you bring your own?
  3. with the game on sunday starting at 5, when should you get to the fan fest?
  4. sometimes, eg recently, it gets rained out. what do people do then?
  1. Free to get in, no ticket required
  2. you are not supposed to bring your own beer
  3. It’s all up to you, people usually start filing out 30 min before so it all depends on how many $6.50 beer you want to buy
  4. They cancelled them for the preseasons because of the rain, but usually I think they still are a go. Most people just show up and go to the stadium if its raining though.

also, it opens 2 hours prior to the game...as it is your first go...I'd do the whole thing. If you want to hit the store, go 30 min before that. Coupons for drinks are good in the stadium as well.

Can't recall if it is in the thread but there are food stands and there are is now (or last year anyways) a drumline that comes in...basically when they leave...finish your drink and head in. You will find bits of more traditional tailgating here and there, but basically this is where most go.

thanks a lot guys.

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