Hi all, I'm going to my first Als game Friday night. I'll be making the trip from Vermont and taking the metro to the game. I was wondering if there is any tailgating that happens before the game at or near the stadium? Thanks.

Sorry, Johnny can't answer your question about tailgating. Johnny does have a question of his own. Spaceman from Vermont... Would you be a certain lefty pitcher who wore number 37 for the Expos? :smiley:

Bill, is that you :lol:

Yes there is a bunch of guys that host a tailgate before every game. "Les gars qui vivent" and they are very happy to welcome any guest partyers. You can reach them here


They're hard to miss seeing as they are the only ones doing any tailgating.

3 people is not tailgating, i was there last year, tried to fined anything remotely close to tailgating, nothing, come to Hamilton, we will show you how to tailgate, Oskee Wee Wee

Should I bite on this post? Sure why not. :slight_smile:

You are right, our tailgating is very minimal. There are reasons for this that are complicated. Yes, Hamilton does a great job of tailgating, you have us beat. That's fine. If your gonna bash our blue tent tailgate just up the East endzone, fine, don't go, but your always welcome to visit and meet the crew should you change your mind. I would be one of the first to offer you a beer and Claude will let you grill it up with a smile.

** I highly recommend you check out the tailgate trailer Claude built.A Tailgate trailer that is attach to a bike. Very innovative.**

Going minimal is the only way we can do what we do. Do know the complications faced to pull off a tailgate on the mountain? Permits and go ahead from the city, Friends of the mountain, the Als, the residents of the McGill ghetto, the police dept & zero parking. Difficult bunch to persuade. Cool thing is, our C.O.O Mark Weightman shows up each time to discuss the latest progressions and potential. Players drop by after the game for a burger and chill out too. Seriously, the people who have just dropped by is quite a roster of people. LeStaff knows what I'm talking about.

I'm honored and blessed to be a part of lesgarsquivivent. Quality over quantiy any day man. I have met some of the best football folks there. Plus there is a post game BBQ too. Having discussions/debates of the Als on this forum is good. But when you cross paths with others and have a face-to-face chat about our Als, a lot of fun.

It may not be the grandest of tailgates. If you chill out on the mountain, looking at our city, with a cold drink, good friends, beautifull women and anticipation for kick off. Love it and wouldn't change it.

CHeers & Peace out.
Le Chugg.

Again, you, and anyone else, are always welcome to hang out. Fans from other teams really make things interesting at the trailgate party. Hope to see you soon.

Class :thup:

Un tailgate est fait de ce qu'on y apporte soi-même et de la bonne volonté qu'on y met à donner le meilleur de nous-mêmes au moment où nous y sommes.

Les gens qui organisent ce tailgate sont non seulment très acueillants et bons vivants, mais ils sont également très inclusifs en ce qu'ils insistent pour que les supporteurs des autres équipes viennent y participer. C'est une anomalie sur le Mont-Royal mais elle est tolérée entre autres parce que son atmosphère est inclusive et respectueuse de l'environnement qu'elle accapare.

Si l'expérience vous a paru emmerdante, je pose la question : y avez-vous apporté votre condescendance ou votre bonne volonté?

La vie nous donne tant de raisons de l'apprécier, pourquoi dénigrer ceux qui se donnent la peine de créer des activités heureuses au lieu d'en profiter?

Je vous laisse la réponse, car, quelle qu'elle soit, elle ne pâlira jamais l'expérience fort agréable que j'ai renouvelée à chaque fois que j'y suis allé. J'y serai le 8 août prochain, et vous souhaite d'y apporter votre bonne humeur lorsque vous viendrez encourager vos Timinous à Montréal.

Quick hit: The tailgate is on! Legend & Claude are at it again. Should you be on the mountain early, stop by for some eats, drinks and good times. Just up the trail from the east side entrance. It may be pre-season but I'm so pumped for some Friday night lights. :rockin: