How would you assess it. Drunkfest
Social gathering
religious experience(my favorite)
don't go there (not so nice)
The Future of tailgating?
Just wondering.

Tailgating is what you make it. FUN ! Theres 12 of us that tailgate at Scott Park and we have a great time. It's a tradition for us to tailgate at everygame, we have made it an event. We have different food every game and this year everygame is going to be a theme. Tailgating just adds to the already great time we have at Tiger-Cat Games. Cheers!!

In the US the tailgate party is part of the day. While some people do tailgate at Scott Park, it's just not as widely common before Ti-Cat games. I have never tailgated before a Ti-Cat game, but I know some of my friends did one time before a game 2 years ago.

I have been fortuneate enough to go to a couple of games in the US, most noteably in Foxboro for some Patriot games in the '90s. What I found really cool about the tailgate is everyone does their own thing and has fun. Some people drink Momossa's and eat fine cuisine, while others have burgers and beer. Not everyone is over-indulging, and to me the nice part is you can have a couple of drinks and some good fresh food at cost, instead of poor quality food, and a small selection of drinks at over-inflated stadium prices. If you do drink, you also have some time to sober up before you go home.

Why is it more common for Americans to tailgate? There are probably a number of reasons. Football is a little more a part of a way of life for US citizens. It's a way of life for them from an early age, and it is further emphasized through high school and college (HS football is on Friday night, college on Saturday, then NFL on Sunday). Most games are on the same day and at the same time, so it just lends itself to keeping up with traditions. Teams understand the importance that fans place on tailgating, and you know they understand the importance of providing fans with the facilities for tailgating (even if all you need is an empty field, or old parking lot).

Overall, I enjoy the idea of tailgating, but I don't think the environment for tailgating is as available at IWS, and as a result its just not as commonplace. Quite frankly I am more interested in the actual game, rather than the event. I usually show up to games an hour before the start so I can park on the streets not too far from the stadium, and then I usually watch the warm up with one of my friends and we talk about football and life.


Go to Scott Park 2-3 hours before a game and experience the ticat fans tailgating. Its a BLAST !
At labour day the last few years there had to be over 5000 ticat fans tailgating, There was a stage with several bands playing. It was a GREAT party, sorry you missed it.
Remember, Its what you make it !! :thup:
Cheers !!

In the U.S. it is a way of life. I am an avid Bills fans and their tailgate party's are great. I leave my house in Hamilton at approx. 5:30am (with my tailgate equip. and food ready the night before) to pick-up a friend down the hill. We then stop at Tim Hortons before we hit the QEW. We talk about football, listen to the radio, count all the busses that are Buffalo bound, give a wave to other car loads that are dected out in Bills gear and hit duty free at the Peace bridge. We usually spend no more that 20mins. max at the border and on we go to Orchard Park. We get to the park and set up in a parking lot made for thousands of tailgaters. By then it's around 7:30 or 8. The feeling in the air is increadable. Atmosphere is the where it's at. Have good food with good friends and a few pops them game time at 1:00pm.

My point to all this NFL/Bills stuff, is that the Ticats give me that same feeling and excitment to look forward to at Scott Park and IW. More even!! It's great friends and Scott park offers the Box J Boys that are always there a few hours before game time, Pig Skin Pete and even Scott Mitchell makes his rounds and says hello to everyone. Kids playing football (very kid friendly). The smell of different BBQ from all around the field. Lawn chairs, canopies, black and gold, familliar faces playing horseshoes and good music playing. It's one big picnic for all to enjoy!

You may hate the NFL and/or the Bills, but what they have we also have. Its like my good fiend tc 23 says "Tailgating just adds to the already great time we have at Tiger-Cat Games. Cheers!! Remember, Its what you make it !!

Right on!

I wonder.

Is tailgating just a northern climate thing or is it also popular down in the southern states? miami, New Orleans, Houston etc.

Every single NFL team and any US college with a decent football program has tailgaters.

from my understanding its even bigger in those climates my buddy goes to dallas every yr and says the tailgating is insane there

Honestly, I've always been a bit ho-hum with the whole thing. That said, other than the corporate tailgates, I've never really done much.

Usually, before Cats games a few of us enjoy a couple bevies at somebody's place before heading to the stadium. And/or we stop in at a local tavern for a bite to eat and a pint.

Though, I'm a bit of a health nut, so the whole tailgating plan doesn't really mesh with the ol' fitness regiment! But the big thing for me is time. I just don't know (aside from Labour Day) if I could kill an entire day for the football game.

Wouldn't mind doing the Bills thing once...but, couldn't have my entire lifestyle revolve around gameday like that. Could be why the NFL/ Bills doesn't interest me at all.

From listening to my brother-in-law and his description of Bill's tailgate parties he's attended, it sounds as though he goes to a tailgate party and a football game breaks out.

(much like some feel about the NHL/hockey... go to a fight and a hockey game breaks out.)


For each thier own I guess!

Drinking more of our own cheap beer instead of paying 7 bucs a beer inside us poor steelworkers have to stretch the all mighty shrinking Canadian loonie!

Scott park and a box ITS ALL GOOOOOD!

Thanks to the people who answered my question about whether southern climate dwellers tailgate also.

I know people like to cook their own stuff but I think a good idea would be for all the die-hard tailgaters to stick to a theme each game and have a competion. Have some local celebrities be the judges and present ribbons and awards.

Different game-day themes could include Burgers, Wild Game, Ribs, Chicken, Chili, Shish-Kabob from all heritages (including Greek Souvlaki), Mediterranean, Middle East, Far East, Texas BBQ and North American Aboriginal

With a playoff home game, there's your 11 themes right there!!

(liquid refreshments to taste of course)

Tailgating in Buffalo is awesome.

The problem with Hamilton is that there is only parking at scott park and the rest of us cheapskates park on the street.

If Hamilton were to build a stadium by the airport and force people to park in their parking lots, you would have the same effect as they have in Buffalo.

No you wouldn't. A key ingredient is missing...Americans.
I'm convinced there are some cultural differences at play here. The key's being how serious they take sports of any kind, and how much their football teams are part of their social fabric.

I'm not saying we can't do a half-decent job of it -- but I just don't think the enthusiasm for sitting in a parking lot in the middle of nowhere, drinking our faces off, is quite the same. Plus, its tough to pull off on a Friday anyway.

I think the net result of it would just be a bunch more DUI's handed out.

good points. Not to mention in canada we arent allowed to enjoy ourselves in the same way americans are at any events like this. Too many laws protecting us from ourselves and if they build a new stadium it will all be controlled to the point of not being fun enough to really take off. Once the cops decide a few liquor licence offences can raise a few bucks and satisfly the crying neighbors it will grind to a halt. I think the enthusiasm is there and can be, but I doubt it would ever be allowed in the american style that is fantastic for any event you attend there. they let you enjoy yourself .

Well, I like partying as much as anyone -- but can't say I'm that opposed to our rules about public consumption of alcohol. The results of 7 hours of tailgating is often evident in the stands at the Ralph.
Also, I do wonder what random breathalyzers coming out of there would result in.

For what it's worth, I'm totally fine with the 'controlled environment' to go along with the controlled substance.

overconsumption happens but it happens anywhere booze is allowed. In the states you can park and have a hibachi and cooler and relax and enjoy yourself. If we get a new stadium they wont allow that and will make you pay for the booze they sell which will probably be expensive and only in designated areas etc. Your prolly lookin at a fine for a hibachi and probably frisbee confiscation rules are next. Its just how it is here. No fun allowed unless theres money in it for the teams but they dont realize that allowing people to enjoy themselves is good for the team.

8) How right you are "Beetlejuice" !!!