Last year I tailgated for the first time at a Ti-Cat game. Twice.

Had a blast! It enhanced the game day experience enormously and I plan to do it regularly now.

How about you guys?

Anyone going to try it for the first time this year?

Anyone going to do it more often than before?

Anyone try it and not like it?

Anyone not want to try it?

Anyone try it once then twice?

Anyone never tried it but might try it?

Anyone knew someone else who tried it?

Anyone thought about before going to bed and then didn't try it.


I enjoy the whole tailgating aspect, but I find urinating in the bushes at Scott Park totally embarassing, though its probably easier done if you wear a kilt. :smiley:

I live a few blocks away from the stadium so the party usually begins on my back deck and then we walk to the game.

But we did tailgate once last year and that was my first time too. Really enjoyed it. A good vibe and a good attitude out there and I ennjoyed soaking in the atmosphere. It really added to the game day experience!

I would LOVE to see a couple of Johhny On The Spots there though.

Never tried it and likely, never will.

I enjoyed the tailgates I went to. Especially the Labour Day and the Ottawa fans tailgate. I'm sure we'll stop by a time or two this year. Labour Day tailgate is a MUST this year, guys. The CFL fans fight cancer group is going to be doing a BBQ to raise money for the cause. I expect to see everyone there.. :smiley:

I've had people tailgate me while I was driving to the stadium.... drives me crazy!

Oh, and as for the other- I park in my secret free spot some blocks away so my inate cheapness prevents me from joining in. If I get a free invitation however...... :slight_smile:

That's the great thing about Tailgating, everyone is welcome. Whether you have a car or plop yourself down with friends who are parked there.

It's Bring Your Own Everything, you come you talk Ticat football, take a stroll around to the other tailgates, clean up your mess and go into the the game. It's a great afternoon.

I'm in full agreement with what's been said in here. A couple of Port "O" Lets would go along way for those who have made a long journey to the game and everyone tailgating.


It's a great way to save money if you like to eat and drink beer at the games.

It may cost $10 to park, but the savings on two beers alone pays for the parking.

It must be more than $10 to park this year - it was $135 for the season. Probably $15 per game, with a slight discount per game if you buy a season pass?

Ok, first off I am a Riders fan however I do attend a lot of the Ti-Cat games because of the atmosphere and the fact that it is only a 4 hour drive for me...yes I am stuck in the trenches near Windsor!

Where are the tailgate parties at? I would love to go since I don't know anyone that likes football so it would be nice to hang out with people who do.


The best (if not only) spot for tailgating is in Lot J which is the yard area at the former Scott Park High School. It is a short walk from the stadium, just to the South, bordered by Cannon St. at the North,, Melrose and Beechwood on the West and East respectively, and King St. to the South.

[url=http://maps.google.ca/maps?client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&channel=s&tab=wl&q=]http://maps.google.ca/maps?client=firef ... &tab=wl&q=[/url]

Thanks Dusty I appreciate it. I know exactly where that is however I think every time I have been to a game there I have been arriving late due to traffic which is why I probably missed it.

I'm looking forward to the season. I know the Ti-Cats will have a terrific season and I would love to be a part of that!

I always enjoy going over to the tailgates and saying Hi to all the great folks there.....The gang from Ottawa a few years ago were a fun bunch too.

The Box J Boys always have a fantastic Labour Day event but the other smaller groups are a lot of fun also.

I'm not a die-hard tailgater myself but i appreciate that some are and if you ask me, they contribute greatly to the atmosphere and excitement of a home game.....

..keep on tailgating guys!..it's an art form! :thup: :wink: