Tailgating rules for Lot J

Anyone know the do's and don'ts of the tailgate in Lot J before the game. I usually don't go as I live a stones throw away from the stadium, but I've got some friends from out of town coming so I figured I'd try to show them the full game day experience.

To quote Jare,

BYO everything. :smiley:
Drinks must be in a non-transparent plastic cup
Clean up your own mess

They are not so much rules as they are a code of civility and common sense we follow.
Like Borehamgirl said.
BYO Everything.
For the safety of the kids and to avoid undue attention please consume all beverages in plastic non-transparent cups.
This provides good role modelling for the little ones and avoids any broken glass they may get into.

Included in the BYO everything department is garbage bags, the reason we're allowed to tailgate is we are low maintanence, leave Lot J the way you found it. Clean.

Lastly, have fun, use commone sense and remember that everyone is there to celebrate this great day in Hamilton football and have a good time. Take care of each other and have a good time.See you Sunday.

Wear black and gold!

The opaque glass (plastic , steel or whatever - it need not be disposable) should be a must also. This dates back to when Hamilton's Finest patrolled the grounds more regularly than they do now. They insisted on the glass so as not to be broadcasting to the passers by that there was public drinking of alcoholic beverages taking place.

Are keggs aloud?

If you bring a keg, keep in your vehicle, hidden out of sight.

The same applies to bottled beer or cases of beer.

Just for the record I'll be starting up between 7:00 and 8:00 am.
If you see a BoxJboy with a straw cowboy hat, that's lil ole me.
Come by and say hello, I'll have something to put in your coffee! :cowboy:
Sorry no BoxJBoy French Toast.

This is it Tigertown, we've been waiting for this
since Bob bought the team!!!
Let's get ready for this game in Hammertown style!!! :rockin:
Go CATS!!!

I will be right with you Jare. Looking forward to a PLAYOFF TAILGATE PARTY. Arrival time is 7:00am :rockin: :rockin:

Don't forget to say hello to "Liquor Face".

Silly question here, but I have never tailgated in Lot J, so here goes.

Do they allow grilling? Can I bring my portable BBQ?


GET THERE EARLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even if your not parked in the lot i have found on games when i havent parked their, everyone is more than friendly and willing to say hello and make you feel comfortable enough to join the party !!!!

Here are a few simple rules we live by when tailgating:

• Respect thy neighbour
Respect of those around us is key to keeping our tailgaters a success. We also acknowledge that children are often present, so please respect that fact as well.

• Drinketh from thou cup
Drinking in public is illegal, and if it were to happen at one of our tailgaters, it needs to happen as discretely as possible. Bottles are discouraged for obvious reasons, cans preferred. Once poured into cup, it's game on.

• Leave the lot as clean as when you got there.
Once we leave, no one should be able to tell 2000 people just sat there for 3-4 hours, grillin, chillin and swillin. Take home with you what you brought, and make sure all garbage is picked up.

• Fans of ALL teams are always welcome.
Whether you're an Eskimo, Stampeder, Rider and yes even if you're an Argo fan, you are always welcome at our tailgaters. The CFL is a great vehicle to meet people from across the country, who share your love of Canadian football. If you're from out of town and are attending a Ti-Cat game stop by and say "Hi". We can't be missed.

Tailgating just adds to the whole football experience. We're all here to have a good time, so come and join us, introduce yourselves and have a good time. Once you get the bug, and see how much fun we have, you'll be hooked.

Yes sir,you can bring your gril, a propane one preferably less mess.
It's all good.
I'm proud to say this is a Canadian, no a Hamilton Tailgate not one of those like
in Barfalo. lol



Looking forward to it. Very much so.

This will only be the 5th CFL game I have ever tailgated at.

Always tailgate at that other stadium in that other league. in that other city in that other country. The one at the East End of Lake Erie. The one with the most boring offence in the world. Have to drink and eat and socialize there, cause the on field product SUCKS!!

We did the tailgate thing at the 96 Grey Cup here at Ivor Wynne. Cooked and drank and played touch football in the cold and snow, then went to a local bar and had some more beverages and enjoyed a fantastic Grey Cup. Even though it was the two teams I dislike most that day, it was still one of the best games I have ever seen live.

We found a place to cook up some burger and have some beers at Olympic Stadium at the 2001 Grey Cup in Montreal. We also tailgated at the Beer Store kitty corner to Frank Clair for Grey Cup 04 in Ottawa. What a hoot that was.

And, we tailgated at the 1994 playoff game down in Baltimore during the failed U.S. experiment days. That was a blast though. Met lots of cool people. They played the Argos, and despite the whole Canada vs U.S. thing, I could just not bring myself to cheer for Toronto. I cheered for Baltimore, and they had a really good crowd there that day, and very loud. It was the one U.S. team that did work. We got interviewed by a local TV station, and they asked us what it was about the CFL that we loved. If only the damn Ravens hadn't ended up there. I could have handled one U.S. team.

Looking forward to an awesome time on Sunday. To have my dad, and fiancee and best Buddy Milo along for the game will make it all the more special.

Hope to see you all there.

Here's a question. What about a washroom, is there one?

Most of the houses along Melrose ave will allow the females and children to use the washrooms .... I have no problem with it most people want to pay us for the troubles .......No Troubles my thoughts are anyone planning on attending SCOTT PARK lot J , party zone ...tailgate alley whateer wee calling it now ...GET IN THE PARK EARLY ....its going to be packed