Tailgating questions

Tailgating questions:

Do you need a permit or special permission to tailgate at Scott Park?

Is beer drinking allowed? (Does discretion make a difference?)

For those that do TG at Scott Park, how long have you been doing it, and how much earlier do you arrive to set up?

IIRC I think someone had a grill setup for anyone to purchase food for a charitable cause. Is this right? It would be nice to saunter over and partake in the festivities while contributing to a worthy cause.

All the tailgaters add such a great vibe and excitement for a pregame buzz. You guys make the gameday experience even better.

I haven't tailgated before so I don't know about the chairitable BBQ, but as for the beer, I understand that discretion is muchly appreciated (use plastic cups, no bottles if you can help it) I hear that the people down there are very friendly...look for the Box J Boys, I've read on here before that they are always looking to welcome new "tailgaters".

i go most every game at scott park. no one really bugs you as long as you behave. plastic cups a total must.

I tailgatted their twice and both times we were told to move from where we were because of "certain fans who think their better than others" so we hooked a deal up with the lady whos house we park at and we tailgate their with no problems! :slight_smile: