Tailgating/ Parking Pass Wanted

Hey Cats fans,

Wondering/ hoping if anyone in Lot J can help out/ hook up a truck load of Black and Gold faithful out the day/ night of the Home Opener. August 3rd with a parking pass.

Normally we just grab a cab or take the Bus to games, and load up the backpack coolers and hit up Lot J for some pregame tailgating. Hoping if anyone of the Lot J-ers on here arent able to make it to the game, which would be an awful tragedy if my buddies and I could score a parking pass of you, so we can do it up like only the Lot J-ers Do on game days

Please let me know...Thanks in advance.
Oskee Wee Wee.


Just park on someone's lawn for a few bucks or on the street a couple blocks away.

Asking someone for their parking pass just seems a bit bold to me. People don't buy them so they can lend them to others. I am truly amazing by the boldness of people like you.

If you can afford to attend a game then you can afford parking also. Period.

Wow, that escalated quickly..

Pump the brakes here... I am simply asking if anyone thats not able to make it to the game on the 3rd would be able to help us out. I have no problem paying for the pass. LOT J is sold out for the season and in my personal opinion is the best spot to pre-game at THF and thats where we'd prefer to be.

I realize that people don't by parking passes to not use them, this was simply a question, not a BOLD statement or request of someone who is entitled and can't afford a pass...if I came off like that, I guess I apolgize for amazing a forum tough guy like canadianfootballfan PERIOD.

Still interested in a parking pass though...WILL PAY TOP DOLLAR!

The world is not a perfect place, and in turn you cannot always get exactly what you want, or park exactly where you prefer.

If a parking spot is the important factor for you, then are you really going for the football? You seem to care more about parking and food.

Amen to that brother, it is not a perfect place.

But, its about the full game day experience this time for my party. I am a season ticket holder, have 6 of them and we drive from Sarnia (2hrs away) for each game. The home opener is a game that 4 newbies are coming along to see why I have had these seats and why the big hoopla all the time..and of course to check out the stadium as well.

The tailgate aspect just adds to it. But, again if its not be, then that's how it will be. Was just throwing it out there

Well aren’t you just a little ball of positive energy.

The other posts you made today were quite interesting as well. Way more interesting than the one I quoted.

You should have no problem making lots of friends on this board.

Don’t pay attention to people with nothing nice to say. I too am from Sarnia…have had 4 season tickets longer than some people on this board have been on this earth. I wonder if we have met. I don’t go to every game but the tailgating is great in lot J. What I do is park in someone’s yard for $10 or $15 nearby and walk over to the park. Works for me. Some times we come down and stay over at a motel…make a weekend of it, just my wife and I. It’s a little longer than 2 hour drive. :wink:
Closer to 3.

I don't want to give away my secret. But if you get there early enough, you can find a spot on Melrose right beside Scott Park. Just pull your stuff out of your trunk, and fire up the BBQ right there :slight_smile:

I was a little disappointed with the parking passes selling out this year. No one asked me if I wanted to renew mine, and when I checked a few weeks ago, they were all gone. Kinda sucks that the unofficial party lot, Lot J, is sold out, even though 80% of the cars won't arrive until 30 mins before kickoff :frowning:. Oh well. That's life.

not sure, but I think a lot of lot J passes are part of the private boxes. Can anyone confirm.

Whatever’s happened, it’s kinds killed the tailgate scene. Sure isn’t what it used to be.

The new school will dampen that even more. I’m sure tailgate spots will pop up.

What a great run that was at Scott Park though.

Speaking of Scott Park... why are they tearing it down exactly? It isn't that old.

I was once an assistant coach with the SP football team, and that school seemed like it was built well enough to stand for 150 years or more. Another story of wasted tax payer money by not getting the life they should out of a building.

And call me crazy... but I actually liked the design of the outside.

Alright, well…you are crazy.

There’s a lot of reasons though, first off Scott Park was asbestos ridden and suffered from major water damage due to people breaking into the building. The former was ignorance of the times, the later was through little fault of the then private own, who really did nothing with it, because what could he do with a brown, asbestos ridden box. Thus, it was unsuitable for school use and far too costly to ever been developed privately as a result.

Nevermind the fact that the place is a windowless, brown, prison box which was pretty much the reason why it failed as a school. Seriously the Barton St. Jail looks more inviting then Scott Park. I wish I had facts to back me up, but I’m to understand it had one of the highest drop out rates in the city, the teachers hated it, the board hated it and I think other suspect building items (furnace, ductwork, plumbing) may have also been a factor, as well a declining enrolment in the area, which Delta (a much older school, and much more well kept school and now heritage building) easily picked up.

Now the schoolboard is suffering even more declining enrollment, so it’s opting to close/sell some of it’s other schools and put one new highschool where Scott Park used to be, because it was the old parcel of land they could find to do it on.

Sorry to give my own post a bump here, but we are now just 2 weeks away from the Aug 3rd Home Opener! It was very encouraging and nice to see last month that there were some folks who did offer to help out in helping us with a parking pass for Lot J, but I haven’t heard from those of you in a few weeks to finalize anything. If all else fails, we’ll heed the advice and get to Melrose early and just park on the road. And set up shop on the West Side.

If anyone can help please pm me and let me know…again to reitterate, willing to pay top dollars for anyone that cannot utilize their pass for the opener.