Tailgating in Saskatchewan?

Hi fellow CFL fans,

A number of us are flying into Saskatchewan (first time) from Hamilton for the season opener on June 11.

Looking to experience a great atmosphere and wondering what the best game day rituals and tailgates are in Rider land?


Make sure you buy a watermelon at the local grocery store before the Rider fans buy them all up.

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Hey, Welcome To Saskatchewan. I think you will find Mosaic to be an amazing stadium. There is lots to do in the park (on the exhibition grounds) right beside the stadium (Coors Light Party in the Park). Be aware though that security at the stadium can get a bit cranky if you do not follow every rule on entry. See the Rider's site for particulars. They are far more stringent than at the Donut Box in Hamilton ( I was there last Thanksgiving). Hope you have a great time! Cheer long and loud for your team, you won't get louder than the Rider fans but it is good to have visitors who are passionate. If you are sensitive to noise, bring ear plugs :laughing:.


We love noise and looking forward to the experience!

Is there other tailgating that happens which isn’t sponsored/hosted by the team in the park?


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Unfortunately, there is not much else in terms of actual tailgating. It is something fans have often lamented here. There is really not an area close that would work well.

Appreciate the insights! Thanks!

Oskee Wee Wee😊

They were Nazis around that stadium before Covid. Alot of weird history of municipal government over-reach there.