Tailgating in Lot E the new Scott Park

Now that Scott Park has been "officially" closed we've been told Lot E is the new tailgate spot.

Does anyone know much about this?

I hope this new lot is going to be packed & rocking on friday.

Let me know if you folks have any further info or if u know people heading to "Lot E" to fire up the bbq & slam silver bullets all day.

We need to keep the tailgates going even though smart park failed us

I'm not sure about Lot E. However myself and other people tailgate in the parking lot behind subway and beside fresh co. Several hrs before each game. I didn't make it over to lot E during pre-season game to check it out.

Lots of tailgating going on for the preseason game in Lot E. I’m sure it will be busy on Friday.

Does anyone know if anyone tailgates in lot F. It's a huge lot and I think you could probably get away with having pregame fires in a pit.

We get to tailgate in a parking lot that is rubble and full of junk , man see what they the airheads have beside BMO beautiful surroundings and 4 dollar beers ! I am paying 180 bucs to park at a junkyard !?

Your right cats99.

Toronto is moving in the right direction creating a convieient area for tailgating , right outside the stadium.

Meanwhile we had an awesome tailgate spot right across the street from the stadium at Scott Park, and it has been Taken away from the Ticats and their fans. They have fenced off the area, but nothing is happening, no equipment on site, no reason it couldn't be used.

Instead we are being sent a few blocks away to tailgate on a concrete slab, full of rubble.

Uh no.... The Cats didn't take away Lot J. It was either the City or Board of Education, or a combination of both. Lot J is not owned by the Cats.


Thanks Mike but what I said was that Scott Park has been “taken away from the Ticats and their fans.” As you say not sure if it’s the school board or the City that owns, but nothing is happening on this property at this point except fencing it off so it cannot be used for tailgates.

Last year we were able to use even though Scott Park school was in the midst of being torn down, you would think arrangements could be made to let us use the west side of the Park this year if they do start construction…which at this point they haven’t started.

If the city owns Lot E why don't they clean it up and make it half decent , eventually playing fields will occupy some of it but probably not till the new school is built .

sorry I misread your post. :oops:

Is lot E not that good for tailgating then? I've never been back there. I always see so many people parking there.

When I suggested in another post that lot J was a huge loss I was mocked and told I was wrong. I can see the whole season go by without any construction. Why is it closed?

All we can do for now while it is just a vacant unkept industrial site , we can make it our own and with spirit and the J Boyz leading the way at least have as much fun as we can make it the best we can and have some fun , in seasons to come I heard they have plans for the site to fix it up green it up with sports field etc??? But what I am pissed about is the cost of parking for this lots is basically the same as we had at Scott Park we are all getting screwed on this lot parking in my books $?

For those looking for something to do a little different from the usual pre-game tailgate (assuming this rain stops by midafternoon as forecast) there is all kinds of stuff happening over at Gage Park with the It's Your Festival on there this weekend. I was thinking of heading there for a couple of hours before wandering over to the game.

8) The price for parking in Lot E, is not the same price you paid to park in Lot J last season !!
  If you bought a season pass in E, it works out to $14 a game.  In Lot J the price was $18 a game.
  With the season pass in E, you are saving approximately $44 for the season, compared to last year in J.

Tailgating here now and I like it I stand corrected ! Concrete floor ! Less mud! , Ukranian church in distance and stadium a nice view! Fairly cleaned up! We could do a kick ass painted tiger in the middle of the lot on the concrete!!!

They are going to be building a new school there best to stop before the season, Hamilton has to many cry babys and just think how they would react losing Scott Park mid season

Sorry EE17 your wrong again. The school won't be built for ages. There's no reason we couldn't be there for another year. The only cry babys are the ones who claim the tailgate is passe and not that important, yet teams are recognizing it as a big part of the gameday experience.

We are parking in lot D and we were told by security that we cant drink there because it's private property, WTF????? So basically we have to park, then walk 10 minutes and tailgate in lot E, stupid by all and TiCats ruined it for everyone! Good job!

Not the TiCats, The City Of Hamilton