Tailgating in Hamilton

I am coming to Hamilton this weekend with a group of guys from Ottawa. It will be our first time in Hamilton and we were wondering what fans do before games?

We would love to tailgate, is that a big thing at Ticat games? Can we just drive to the stadium and buy a parking pass?

Any advice you can provide would be much apprectiated! :smiley:

Park in Scott Park (south of the Stadium) ask anybody they will direct you!...$15.00 and all the tailgating is in there...walk around and introduce yourselves!

I'll be there!

Me 2! you'll have a blast :slight_smile:! oski-wee-wee

Scott Park lot is the place to be. I can assure you you'll have a blast. Just a word of warning,dont be alarmed if you see a bunch of grown men in skirts. no you're not in san Francisco its just those crazy fellas from box j. so drink up and dont worry bout washrooms,they'll show you a dicreet location to relieve youself!!!

maybe its the fact that i'm a student, maybe its the fact that i'm a quarter scottish... i dont know,

but i always just park on the street somewhere and then join the festivities.... :wink:

Thanks for the advice guys, I look forward to meeting some of you tomorrow. I will be the guy in the Renegade jersey!