Tailgating Bus Trip to this mondays game

Hello all,

Just wondering if anyone knows of any bars or other places that are doing a bus trip to this monday's game? Me and my friends have season tickets and have been taking the Findlay Express shuttle to the games but it doesnt get there early enough to tailgate. We would love to experience Guelph tailgating and feel this would be the best game to do it.

If anyone knows of anything or have any suggestions drop me a line.



The last home game is a Saturday at 1pm,

why not go to the game and arrange to stick around afterwards, the downtown scene is pretty fun on the weekends, and isn’t QUITE so crowded with students as the thursday night party is. (still pretty nuts)

finish the night with a trip to Sun Sun’s for some terrible (but very available) late night chinese food

If you have Facebook, try and PMing this group, as they might be able to help out or lead you in the right direction!