Tailgating at the Grey Cup

Does anyone know if there's tailgating before the grey cup in the parking lots.

We're heading to montreal and whould like any information from anyone who's ever tailgated at the olympic stadium.


To be honest I would be surprised to see tailgating. There is very very limited outdoor parking, the vast majority is underground. The rest is parking on the street in the residential areas.

Now that I think of it there is a large outdoor parking lot on the North side of Sherbrooke Street, I guess you could tail gate there

...so will the gendarme have a problem with me stoking up a big ol' propane BBQ in the parkade?....

The festival village I've heard from when it was held last time was a real hoot.

I doubt the cops in France will care

LOL are taking your pig like BQ to the Grey Cup game? The cops will be sure to arrest you with that pink pig BQ you have there red.

And I will park mine next to yours

Now that’s a grill! :rockin: :rockin:

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I wouldn't tailgate in Montreal, Not that it may not be a good idea, but there will be so many other partys around it won't be as good.

In Toronto, i was there early in the morning (at the parking lot us argo fans usually tailgate at) and it was me and a few people all day, Wasn't much action at all. (near the end some regulars just show up but they had hotels downtown and just stayed there)

Goto the parties and have fun

If you have Google Earth, type in those coordinates:

Lat: 45°33'47.28"N
Long: 73°33'0.27"W

This is the parking near Saputo Stadium , Big O & Centre Pierre-Charbonneau & Arenaa Maurice-Richard, on weekends it's like 10$ for all day & 5$ after 6pm.

We used to tailgate there for the last Alouettes regular season home game that was played in Big O, but this year, the last regular season home game is in McGill.

If you don't cause any issues, you will not have any problems with the cops.

I know a couple of guys who tailgate at the other parking near the arena (white round dome) and didn't have any issues.

As for Grey Cup, I don't know if that parking will be "off limits" or accessible to public...