Tailgating at TD Place

Any suggestions for tailgating at TD Place?

I know on site there just simply isn't room. There are about 10 of us who all have season tickets together and we want to tailgate before games. Get the BBQ going, play corn hole etc. I know on site won't work, but any sites close by that would work? I know there's Carleton, but seems kind of far, and I think they would, unfortunately, frown on people having fun.

We used to just park on side streets in old Ottawa south, and would just walk to the stadium before the game, and leave afterwards. But since the Renegades left we've been going to a couple games a year in Buffalo and have really enjoyed the tailgate aspect. And we want to incorporate that into our own game day festivities. I know they team has talked about incorporating some onsite tailgating type activities at Lansdowne, but it's not even close to the same thing.


Since the Rouge et Noir have said that parking won't b an issue, I assume they plan to arrange shuttles form somewhere; perhaps they will build tailgating into that. But remember, unless that area is licensed, booze in public could/will be an issue.

Carleton allowed tailgating for their homecoming game last year.

The RedBlacks should get on that, make an arrangements with Carleton to allow use of their lots for tailgating purposes and have a shuttle run from the tailgate to the stadium.

Make it happen Jeff Hunt and the gang.

Hey, good point about Carleton.

We had in issue with BBQ's as well in the last year of the Renegades when they did their tailgating crackdown. "Open flames" were not allowed.

I hope they figure something out, because the tailgating is huge for the casual fan.

I will always go to the games, I probablty only missed 3 Renegades games, but the people I have season tickets with are definitely casual fans. They've fallen in love with the whole tailgate experience, BBQ'ing, playing cornhall, having a couple beers while enjoying some food. If that experience isn't there it's going to be real hard to keep my group of 10 in tact in the coming years.

Yeah, and you're right that any attempt to recreate that atmosphere by the organization will fail. You can't fake tailgate.

I think they said something bout using the Aberdeen Pavillion for pre and/or post game get togethers, but that wouldn't be quite the same thing.

Someone (maybe myself, not sure yet) could do what guys in Montreal do. They have a small trailer, wheel it up closeish to a grassy entrance & setup shop, inside the trailer has BBQ, and a cooler of cold ones.

Calgary among their stadium and fan expereince upgrades will also be expanding its Tailgate Grill Area. Complete with seating areas more food trucks.
Also they will finally be expanding the concourse area with more concessions and washrooms in an open area in the Northwest section next to the grandstand.
With the Flames taking ownership expanding these areas will get the people into the stadium areas and most likley will not be allowing for fans to go out to their car at halftime.
It appears that they would be able to expand the Concourse Concession and Washroom area on the other side as well.

Their will be no uncontrolled tailgating aloud outside of TD place. They will provide food and beer on site but it will be as expensive as at the Sens games one beer and a hotdog should run you about $12. It's illegal to drink beer in Ottawa unless you have a permit. But you can smoke weed on parliament hill and get everyone and their kids in the area stoned without getting a ticket.

I've joined up with a large group of people that are making plans to do BBQs and have a few beers before the games. We are working on transportation to and from the game too. OC busses are free for anyone with a Redblacks ticket. I'm sure in time groups like ours will catch on and we will make our own tailgate parties. I don't know if any of you have been but I'm so jealous of Buffalo. They know how to throw a tailgate party for 70,000 all in one parking lot.

Ottawa has built a large underground parking lot so I don't think that tailgating will be allowed down there.
It's just not they type of stadium that can support tailgating.

As I understand it tailgating, in the sense of grabbing a beer or seven, is illegal in public in Ontario. The team is doing its best to provide a semblance of the tailgating experience because they can do it in a licensed area; and any off-site tailgating will face the same challenge if it is public.

Carleton Ravens had tailgating for their homecoming game. The liquor license just needs to name the tailgate area. For example, at Carleton's homecoming tailgating was allowed only in 1 designated lot. This same model could be used at Carleton for tailgating on RedBlacks gameday.

It's possible, no question.

Nobody who wants to tailgate wants some watered down version where hot dogs are $5 and beers are $10.

I hope the team is serious about bringing a tailgating element to the game. It will bring, and keep, a lot of fans out and offer an element that currently does not exist in the Canadian sports scene.

Tailgating at Carleton will work, if the team wants to make it work. All they need to do is run shuttles, charge $5 to get to the stadium or something. Now let's just see how serious the team is about giving the fans something that has become very important to the casual football fan in the last decade or so.