Tailgating at Mac

Does anyone know if tailgating is allowed on Campus? And if so which lots.

Dunno but you might want to call Mac's security office and ask, anonymously of course. I believe you can call the university and as for the MAC 5-0.

Well given that you can't drink in the stadium itself save for one of the endzones or in the designated drinking area, I would say no.

Mac's policy outlines specific places where drinking is permitted. The lots are not on the list, so I'd call that an implicit 'no, you can't'.

[url=http://www.mcmaster.ca/policy/General/Misc/UniversityAlcoholPolicy.pdf]http://www.mcmaster.ca/policy/General/M ... Policy.pdf[/url]

Maybe some of the neighbouring residents would be pleased to open up their front yards to a few hundred celebrating Ticats fans


Wow, no tailgating, no drinking and only 6,000 fans allowed?

The Mac rent a cops will bust you for drinking on Campus just like Frosh week :lol:

As a former Mac undergrad student and now Mac graduate student I can tell you there is no open alchohal or tailgating allowed on campus lol. Mac campus police were giving out tickets to Calgary Fans who were tailgating at the Mitchell Bowl a year and a half ago.

2 good pubs on campus though. "1280 bar" right beside the stadium and my personal favourite "the phoenix." the phoenix is in an awesome building, the interior looks like hogwarts from harry potter and the 2 level patio backs onto cootes paradise. i suggest people check it out

I just spoke to Erin at the Ticats and it sounds like their sold out of almost everything. They don't have parking passes for tailgating so I guess we'll just be doing our tailgate somewhere on campus near the field. Any suggestions other than bars?

tailgating on campus with open alch will earn you a ticket and a fine

yet the tailgating in Guelph was awesome

I would suggest that the edge of Churchill Park may be your best bet, but keep in mind it is Westdale. A loud sneeze might have people calling bylaw on you. Also, I don't think the locals would take kindly to people parking on the grass.

8) Ahh yes, but that is the difference between Guelph and Hamilton !!! :oops: :roll:

You could start the tailgate in Gore Park aren't people drinking there all the time?

Does anyone know of anything going on before tonight’s game at MAC against the Bombers?

We had planned to go to the Phoenix tonight but I just called them and it turns out that they are not doing the same thing as they did for this past Saturday’s game. So now I am not so sure.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I know there is a Boston Pizza nearby. Anything else?


the boston pizza is always a good choice. there is also the bar 1280 on campus which is a couple hundred metres from the stadium :rockin:

8) Ha ha, how right you are !! Good one.
  Actually you could start the tailgate in Gore Park, then just move on to the rest of the down town area.
  You will have lots of drinking buddies all over that area !!!   <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

The Phoenix is open for today's game :thup:


Phoenix Feedback
$4 Steamwhistle and Huge $7 Wraps for last nights game! (Specials will change with each game.)
The staff busted their buts to take care of us and it's a great atmosphere.
Are we going back....OH HELLS YES!
See ya on the 16th!