Tailgating around the CFL...What do you eat?

Ticat tailgates see a rotating menu with the main dish themed after the region the opponent if from.

For example:

Toronto-roast pig on a spit or hot dogs and sausages

Calgary-Alberta beef steaks-Grasshopper beer

Edmonton-BBQ's Elk steaks and Alley Kat

Montreal-poutine and steamed hot dogs

Winnipeg- periogies and vodka punch!

Saskatchewan-Buffalo burgers

B.C-cedar plank salmon and Kokanee or a nice wine from the valley.

So what's cookin' on the pre-game BBQ's across this great country and league we have?


Now why go with Grasshopper in Edmonchuck? Alley Kat is a local brewery and they make far better beer than Big Rock!

Proably because I don't live in Edmonton so I don't know the good beers out there. Thanks for the tip.

Feel free to add to the menu...

....we eat a lot of dead cooked things....mostly brown in colour but sometimes red or green.....theres usually wet stuff held in containers to wash it all down...

........this year I'll be hanging out at Razor's monster dodge p/u in the SW corner of McMahon, I'll give you a breakdown of the menu when it happens.....

mmmm periogies

....add to that some good WPG. rye bread from City bakery....and some bbq-ed garlic sausage from a north-end meat market and wash it down with some blue (or beverage of your choice) and you got the perfect tail-gater snack Winnipeg style...oooops have to go the fridge now... :slight_smile:


Can't go wrong with MTL smoke meat !

Papazoola, the Winnipeg suggestion Rocks!

X-Gamer- loved the smoked meat the last two years, thought I'd mix it up this year.

Poutine and hot-dogs will go over huge!

So what are the rest of you eating before the games this season?


Wing's and Jug's at Hooters

What stadium do they have a Hooters in the Parking lot....just kidding.

Does anyone get the likes of Hooters or other sports bars selling food at their tailgates on game day?


I was in Toronto for the Cats Argo's preseason game and stopped by the Argo fans tailgate.

They, the tailgaters known as the 00's were doing it right with a BBQ braised tenderloin that was marinated for 24 hours in a special recipe of beer and spices.

Good job Toronto!

Rib eyes and beer

Always see the Hooters party bus at Bombers games

Can't beat an old stand by like steak and brews!

And some Hooter's close by is always nice too! Does the bus serve up wings? Or just party with the other tailgaters?


Ya I'm not sure what the bus is for but I always see it after games not before. Just always walk out of the stadium and you can hear people on there signing with the music that is playing on the buses loud speakers. (the song friday was "save a horse ride a cowboy")

Maybe they just pick people up after the game to bring them to hooters?

For the last game of the year, a lot of bomber fans will be eating crow.... going to be a long winter in the peg after the season is done...

depends how drunk I get…

The wing's at least... since the Last Bomber home game will be in November in a game called the Grey Cup. You know, the game the Riders just can't get too..

Then it will be a long season in the peg reading all your posts about how the Riders should fire Barrett and Shivers, and how they got ripped off with the old Holmes to get Joseph thing, And how Joseph sucks and Keven Glenn should be a Rider, and why Kenton wants out...

It will be a long one for sure.....

JareCanada, when you cook poutine, make sure you do it right. Not like those people do in New Brunswick. They use grated cheese instead of cheese curds.

Tsssk, tssk... they know nothing about gastronomy !

Hey, if you do it right, Richard Karikari might even join your tailgate party!

saurkaraut and tube steaks hmmmm!