Tailgating and post game locations!

Hello my fellow CFL Fan's:

I'm making my way out to Lion's country to see the cat fight between the Ticat and your Lion's and I'm wondering a couple things.

First is there tailgating, if so where and are visiting fan's welcome to ByoB and join in?

Next were's the post game events if any and are visiting fans welcome?


There is tailgating in the parking lot to the west of the staduim I think on pacific bulivard and Cambie but my streets might be off. Also there is the Beatie street block party where a block of street infront of BC place is closed for the pre-game just don't bring a traveler beer there or the cops will make you pour it out and take your ticket (happened to a friend of mine) also the doghouse sports bar usually have a good BBQ and is pretty packed for a place to get a few in before the game.

I wouldn't recomend getting a beer in BC place it costs $7.50 and takes a quarter to wait in line to get it even though they say that they're speeding up the lines for this year.

Thanks TheDan8:

I'll try the Dog House, like the name.

I'm also going to drop by the tailgate and say hi to some of my 13thman.com friends.

We're trying to set up CFL Fan's Fight Cancer Chaptor's across the country and the B.C. 13thman.com crew are stepping up big time.

I want to stop by and thank them personally.


I'm meeting up with some BC fans for tailgating "in the parking lot, under the bridge".

Is this the large parking lot, beside the stadium?


Be prepared to were your rain jackets tom.

How many now want a outside stadium in this weather?

c'mon it's a Lions game at B.C. Place, it will clear up at exactly 7:29

yeah but the wlak up for tickets really decress when it is raining

Does any body heard what the ticket count is for tom they are expecting, usally if you do not here what it is on the radio then it usally means it is not too good.

I am predicting 27,000

Good one. :lol: And the scary part is that your probably right

I see blue sky, and its almost time to leave for our pre-game meal! :lol: :lol:

Just heard from rick dawlywall on cknw that they have 28,000 sold excepting 30,000. Apperently Bob Ackles will not give the ticket count to anybody anymore until game day, no matter how many are sold.it is in the lions contract.

Think they might lift the local blackout on TSN????

Would have been nice if they had. Pretty sad for the Grey Cup champs to be blacking out games.

Listening to the last couple quarters on the radio, and it doesn't sound like I'm missing anything too spectacular. 9-9 tie towards the end of the 3rd quarter. Ugh.

I found it free on broadband on the computer. It looked pretty good on there. I had no idea it was on there, I just found it in time.

Did you make the tailgate Jare?