tailgating and food

hey folks, i am heading to the game tonight and am wondering where the tailgators are,is it okay to walk around with open beer(no Problem in Buffalo) and what is good to eat in the area. thanks for any and all responses

tailgate in Lot J. Costs $20

All "beverages" must be in opaque plastic cups, within lot J only.


No place good to eat in that area. Bring your own food.

thanks for the info, once in lot J can i drink my own beers from a travel cooler or do i have to purchase. Thanks

Your own. You cannot purchase. Alcohol is "not allowed". Everyone brings their own in the vehicles. We all police ourselves.

That is "pop and apple juice" we drink in the plastic opaque cups.

LotJ is a public park that we are allowed to park on. Parking costs $20.

Drink whatever you have but you need to drink it out of a plastic cup... NO EXCEPTIONS! Bring your own food and be sure to clean up after yourself.

People have been tailgating there for 10+ years with little to no issues and that can easily be stopped by a few idiots. So be kind to others and don't be stupid...