Tailgating 2.0

For me, tailgating is almost as fun as the game itself. I enjoy the grillin' and the swillin'. I like hanging out with my buddies and family before the game.

I like to toss the football around with my twelve year old daughter, who just so happens to be in her 3rd year of junior cheer and a more avid fan than I am at times. I bought a black and yellow junior football about 3 years back and taught her how to throw. I particularly like it now when we play with other people and she says things like, " Uncle Mike your throws look like arm punts", or when shes says, "Dad can you throw to me, those guys have sucky throws" or when my buddies and/or family say, "Man Tori throws a nice spiral", or, "Man Tori throws the ball far", or "Man Tori jammed my finger with that last throw." She always steps into her release, just like dad showed her and man she does throw it hard.

I like to BBQ and fancy myself a good cook, so I rather enjoy cooking at said tailgates. So far my grilled soulvaki on a bun with taziki sauce lettuce and onion served with my wife's world famous potato salad is the crowd favorite. Lucky for me, because it's real easy and quick. Depending on who is drinking, myself or my wife (we alternate between games) one of us is then quickly on the business end of a cold beer upon arrival. These are good times.

However, as my grandfather always said, "Sunny days wouldnt be special if it wasn't for rain". There is a cruel downside to all this. Can you guess what it is? Tailgating with your wife, your daughter, your wife's old college buddy and her boyfriend, your brother in law, his wife and so on. All this leads to one disastrous result. We all need to pee eventually.

Now for the men, not such an emergency. We can always take a little stroll to Scott Park School. Or to the nearest convenient spot. But the woman, not so much. They must rely on porta potties, which appear and disappear from game to game and often have long line ups or a long walk to Tim Hortons. Either way it's a real buzz kill.

Until today.

Today I took my tailgating to the next level. Today I added another weapon to my tailgate arsenal of decked out van, easy up canopy, folding table and Weber Q tabletop grill. Today my tailgates went from pretty cool to epic.

Today I bought a 4' by 4' toilet tent and a lug a loo. Goodbye Good Times. Hello Epic Times.

Oskee Wee Wee

Alexander, you are the very first person I have ever heard of who is proud and talking about his brand new toilet tent. And epic????????

Congratulations. I think.....LOL

Thank you Old Fan. I think.

I would have to say it's pretty epic. I won't be walking my daughter to Tim Hortons anymore. Nor will the wife be bitching about walking there either. That will make my tailgate experience so much more enjoyable. And after all, better is better.

I invite you to join Old Fan. But be warned, there may be a line up to this latrine. Woman and children first.

Im going to call it the Oskee "Wee Wee" Tent. I'm going to hang a sign ala M.A.S.H beside the tent that says "Vacant" or "Occupied". After the game my wife and I are going to have a coin toss to see who gets to dump the bucket.

"Best two out of three honey?", I'll say everytime I lose. Like I said, this is epic.

Well, there's three minutes I won't get back :roll:

And hey, Alexander, how about some music playing inside the tent to entertain those using it?????

And you have a name for it???? This just gets better and better!!!!!!

Pee did he?

"Pee did he?"

Took me a while to catch that one ( I needs coffee), Captain ....but when I did...good laugh!!!!!

:lol: :rockin:

Was thinking more along the lines of Muddy Waters.


Umm Alex:
It sounds like you have a great set up and like any good tailgater you're totally thinking ahead, that being said the Ticats are trying to have port-a-potties at every game now. There were 3 there for the last game.

Thanks for taking a little of the shine off my new latrine Jare. Porta potties every game??? Not that I doubt you Jare, but do you mind revealing your source? Last year porta potties coverage was spotty. Some games yes, others no.

Either way, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This was still a good investment.

I plan to play "Peedance" Peewater Revival" songs to help move things along. Or "Pee Pee R" songs for short.

Having just read the thread created about Aaron Hunt I had a great idea.

Aside from my tailgate "Cornhole" tournament (a classic game enjoyed at tailgates the world over. Google it.) I think I should hold my first annual tailgate Pi$$ing contest. We will start from 2 yards back. The winner gets a T-Shirt. The loser gets to clean up my new latrine at the end of the contest just before kickoff.

I invite Old Fan, DNP and HfxTC to join. Hell you too Jare and Teddy Fay. Anyone that has posted in this thread basically. I'm going to call it VicksDogcatchers 1st Annual Pissing Contest Invitational. The format will be round robin.

This is going to be Epic. Now back to my NFL Fantasy Team research...

I'm like my handle and cannot uhhmmm squirt that far.

Can you make like divisions for age and squirting limitations?


Im bringing in a younger guy who will piss farther and for less beer than you I think. I don’t care how far you’ve pissed in the past. You have the option of competing with him or asking for your release. Don’t worry though. If he breaks something during said contest (and really how often does that happen) I will call you.

Alexander wrote:


Im bringing in a younger guy who will **** farther and for less beer than you I think. I don't care how far you've pissed in the past. You have the option of competing with him or asking for your release. Don't worry though. If he breaks something during said contest (and really how often does that happen) I will call you."[/b]

That's just fine!!! I am moving to Florida to become an insurance salesman.