Jare or DG is there a TO tailgate on Sat and what time does it start and where? If I bring some food can I use a BBQ?

I know so much wanting but I don't want to drive on Saturday.

If I bring an Argo fan will it help?


All Hamilton fans are welcome and well received!

On Bremner blvd. between the ArgoDome and the ACC.

In the parking lot.

See you there for the start of another season in pro sports most epic rivalry! :smiley:

Here is some information about tomorrow's home opener vs. the Ticats,
to ensure that you get the most of your Argo experience!

Please leave extra time when arriving to Rogers Centre for parking and gate check-ins, as Rogers Centre has implemented extra security throughout the building.
The pre-game ceremony will be taking place at 2:30pm - the roof will be closed, and the lights in the building will be off. Weather permitting (and it looks like it will be a great day), the roof will open for the 3:00pm kickoff.
The Steelback Streetfest begins at 11:00am, just outside Gate 8 of Rogers Centre on Bremner Blvd. There will be food, drink, the Blue Thunder Cheerleaders and more to get you ready and pumped for the game!
We are expecting a large crowd for the home opener, so please arrive early if you are picking up tickets or planning on purchasing tickets on the day of the game. The Gate 7 Box-Office opens at 10:00am, and our VIP Will Call for ticket pick-ups also opens up at 10:00am, just outside of Gate 7.
The forecast is projecting a hot day for tomorrow, so please make sure you are well equipped for the weather. Bring a hat, wear some sunscreen, and don't forget the sunglasses.

That’s for the “official” corporate sponsored tailgate. Nice, but not so authentic.

See the above post for the location of the real-deal.

Hi Box EH:

Bluto's bang on with the info (thanks Bluto), I would recommend going to www.13thman.com and touching base with the Toronto folks there. I'm sure someone will lend you some cook space.

When attending the Argo fan's tailgate be ready for a couple of glances, and some guys with "00"'s on their chest to come up and introduce themselves. All the 13thman crew and the "00"'s are good CFL lovin people.
I'm ususally greeted by a rendition of "I'd rather be an Argo then a ......." Just raise your plastic glass and say "Thanks for the welcome, enjoy the game!"

Don't forget I have 2 tickets at cost in the 200's section if anyone wants? I want to be there more then anything but can't do it, family commitment.


i wont get to toronto until after 2, so im gonna miss the pre-game warmups..haha

Myself ( and the rest of my '00' crew ) will be there till 2:45...

Swing by!

Have I met you Jare? Come introduce yourself! See you there!

Rogers Centre rule, no glass bottles, cans or bottles over 600 ml.

There's no such thing as a "real tailgate" in Argo land. To much cement and rebar around.